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Discover how it's possible to set up an annual 6-figure cashflow positive property business, build your wealth and retire earlier, using the unmatched power of commercial real estate.

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Free 90-Minute Online Training Event Reveals...

How To Set Up An Annual 6-Figure Cashflow Positive Property Business, Build Your Wealth And Retire Earlier, Using The Unmatched Power Of Commercial Real Estate

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You’re about to discover THE EXACT commercial property investing formula James Dawson used to set up an annual 6-figure cashflow positive property business, using the little-known and unmatched power of commercial real estate.

It’s a proven, step-by-step formula that James designed to unlock the potential of commercial real estate investing, and the fastest way he knows to successfully replace your annual income using property.

No more property investing confusion, not knowing where to start or who to turn to for answers.... No more feeling that you don't have the right education, knowledge, experience or skills to succeed...

... Or feeling that you've wasted valuable time and years on hopeless strategies, like negative-gearing and others you've tried that didn’t work.

Just simple, easy-to-follow, and 24-7, on-demand access to the exact commercial property investing blueprint that James used to retire over 15 years ago, and live the ultimate Byron Bay beach lifestyle on massive passive income.

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Attend This *Free 90-Minute Online Event* And Discover:

How it’s possible to get started in commercial real estate immediately, with very little money, even if you have no prior commercial property knowledge or investing experience, when you know how

The secret to getting 3, 5 or even 10 years of ‘locked-in cashflow stream’ from real estate... this really is a true ‘set-and forget’ income strategy

How to use the ‘Magic Numbers’ 4 and 8 to get up to $10,000 per month of net real estate income.... a unique ‘arbitrage’ secret which is almost like buying $1 for 50 cents!

The ‘Trifecta Secret’ that gives you up to triple the positive cashflow of normal investors... where you have the potential to get as much as $25,000 passive income from a $480,000 property

How to find high performing, high cashflow commercial property deals all over Australia

How to increase the value of a building before you even buy it, then how to save thousands when you do

How to analyse any commercial property deal to eliminate mistakes and maximise profits

How to get 6% – 9% positive (sometimes even +10%) cashflow from capital city properties

Where you can get great positive cash flow deals day in, day out

And much, MUCH more!

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Meet James Dawson

A resident of Byron Bay for over two decades, James Dawson has been semi-retired since his late thirties, and it’s all thanks to his savvy property investments...

More specifically, it’s his skill in securing consistent positive cashflow from commercial property investments that has set him up for a lifetime of freedom.

James started investing in property 35 years ago, and over the years he has successfully completed many millions of dollars worth of property deals and investments.

To this day, James still invests in property and continues to grow his portfolio, however having developed a very healthy income (more than he can use), he is now dedicated to helping others achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

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WAIT! Still sitting on the fence??

Check out these FIVE ‘no-brainer’ reasons why YOU should be considering commercial real estate:

✓ 1. Less Competition – “Ninety percent of people are investing in residential real estate, so in commercial you are only in competition with 10% of the market, which means you can negotiate big discounts,” James says.

✓ 2. Long Leases – While a residential tenancy can turn over every six to 12 months, a commercial tenant invests much more in the premises, because it’s their place of business. Therefore they are more likely to stick around for the long term. “Longer leases of three to five years are standard, with regular rental increases ‘locked in’ as part of the lease,” James says.

✓ 3. Low Vacancies – “It comes down to buying the right property in the right location in the first place. If you buy in the right area, there is a very low risk of them being vacant for long,” James says. “To give you an idea of the success you can have in a busy, bustling area, I’ve had a property that was leased 22 years straight.”

✓ 4. High Returns – James says he enjoys much higher yields now that he invests in commercial real estate. “Residential returns are about 2-3% if you’re lucky, whereas with commercial property it’s not uncommon to receive a 6–9% (even +10%!) return” he says.

✓ 5. More Affordable Entry Points – “If you’re working with a smaller deposit of around $30,000–$40,000, you’ll often be better off putting that money towards a lower-priced commercial property instead of a residential investment in an outlying area. It can be a much smaller upfront investment than most people imagine.”

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