OpenCorp Property Insights: Sydney

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Discover How We Made Our Clients $200M+ & How The Same Property Strategy Can Give You A Financially Secure Retirement.

Date 6th or 7th Aug: 12pm or 6pm
Location The Hilton, Sydney
Price Free (strictly limited seating)

Young rich lister Al Lewison and Bestselling author Cam McLellan reveal how they purchased their first 5 properties and what they’d do differently in today’s market.

In this session the OpenCorp team will dissect core lessons from Cam McLellan’s bestselling property investment book My 4-year-old the property investor so you can apply these to build your own wealth.

Find out...

  • Exactly why Warren Buffet believes investors should be fearful with others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful and how this relates to you.
  • How to pay off your own home in 10 years. Not 30.
  • Where the next hot spots suburbs across Australia are, and why the guys sees 2019 as the year to invest.
  • How you can leverage your first property to finance a second, third, and beyond.
  • How to stay safe in today’s market and revealing the biggest mistakes made by Australians when investing.

And Also…

  • The Unfiltered TRUTH About The Australian Housing Market
  • Cut through all the white noise and fear mongering and get the cold hard FACTS about investing in real estate instead of biased thoughts and opinions
  • Why NOW Is The Best Time To Buy (IF You Know Where To Look)
  • The best time to invest in real estate was 40 years ago – the next best time is RIGHT NOW (find out exactly where to look so you can find your bargain!)
  • How To Create Extra Income & Break Free From The 9-5 Grind
  • The Easy Way To Build A Large Portfolio & Retire Years Early investors and turn them into millionaires so they can retire years, even decades earlier.
  • The Suburbs Our Research Says Will BOOM In The Next 5 Years
  • Find out which suburbs our research indicates are set to explode in 2019 and beyond so you can get in before the price surge and reap the financial gains!

Venue:  The Hilton. 488 George Street, Sydney CBD


  • Tuesday 6th August 12:00pm-1:00pm (shorter lunchtime session)
  • Tuesday 6th August 6:00pm-7:30pm
  • Wednesday 7th August 12:00pm-1:00pm (shorter lunchtime session)
  • Wednesday 7th August 6:00pm-7:30pm

Price:  Free (strictly limited seating)


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