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    • In this ‘packed with advice’ 20 minute podcast, Helen Collier-Kogtevs from Real Wealth Australia shares some success stories of people who have developed staggering property portfolios from a standing start on very minimal incomes. read more

    • The age-old struggle of partners with differing passions is a very real problem for some passionate property investors out there, and it might even be you! So how do you create the same vision for the future that you can see is available? Be it property or any other passion that you have big dreams for. read more

    • What do you do when you go to the experts and you don’t agree with their financial plan? This is exactly the position Narelle and Tane found themselves in. Going as far as having heated arguments because the Financial Planner was not listening to what Narelle and Tane wanted as an asset base... read more

    • Like a lot of people who have a passion for Property, Morag and Andrew were fortunate to have a couple of properties under their belt, prior to becoming Real Wealth Australia members. And like a lot of other investors, felt lost and did not know what to do with their portfolio, or how to grow it for their future security. read more

    • Real estate cycles come and go, but one fact always remains true: property investing is an inexact science. read more

    • As conditions in Australia’s property market continue to tighten, many would-be buyers are looking to joint ventures to get their foot on the ladder. Teaming up with another buyer can be rewarding for all types of investors, when done properly. Chloe Taylor reports read more

    • Your Investment Property reader Zac is keen to get started on his investing journey and is planning to team up with his parents to get his property plans underway. Parent–child joint ventures are a common way for young Australians to get their feet on the property ladder – but they do come with potential risks. Helen Collier-Kogtevs, walks Zac and his parents through a game plan detailing the risks and rewards of a property joint venture. read more

    • Building wealth and creating a solid nest egg for the future is the goal of most investors. But just how do you become a successful property investor so you can build your first $1m in equity and hopefully pave the way towards greater property wealth? read more

    • What problems could possibly cause buyers to turn tail and run on inspection day? A panel of Australia’s property experts have revealed the top property sale faux pas – and how to make sure they don’t happen to you. read more