Buyer’s agents key in smart property investment

16 Dec 2015
Article written by Samantha Vlcek. 16/12/2015.
Purchasing an investment property is a beneficial avenue to financial security. Australians have identified the prosperous nature of real estate and the long-term advantage property investment affords. However securing the highest possible return isn’t always straightforward.
“Only 5% of properties make valuable investments,” asserts Mark Ribarsky, senior buyer’s advocate from Wise Real Estate Advice. Therefore taking appropriate measures to secure the right advice is essential.
So, what makes or breaks an investment’s return and how can you swing the odds in your favour?
Profitable Purchasing
Professional advice when investing in property is typically the difference between a wise investment and a disappointment.
The area, composition and price of a property determine long-term return. It is common for new investors to fall into the trap of purchasing a property they would like to live in rather than focussing on immediate and future financial suitability.
Blinded by interest in a property’s modern kitchen or stylish outdoor living zone often leaves investors making property investment purchases with their hearts instead of their heads. Wise Real Estate Advice’s buyer’s advocates work out your property goals and keep the right properties in your sights.
After locating an ideal property, our buyer’s advocates’ extensive knowledge of negotiation tactics used by real estate agents help secure your investment for the best possible price.
In November 2015, Wise buyer’s advocates submitted a private offer for a Glen Waverly property scheduled for auction. They successfully negotiated a fair market price with favorable conditions whilst removing fierce competition. The entire process lasted less than 24 hours with the buyer’s advocate securing the property for their client for $1,025,000: $25,000 less than the asking price.
Locating beneficial properties and negotiating valuable deals is only the beginning of what skilled buyer’s advocates offer their clients.
The Real Value of a Personal Buyer’s Advocate
Professional buyer’s advocates come from a background in real estate and are further trained to operate efficiently in every aspect of the real estate process. Their extensive knowledge and expertise helps remove stress and increase confidence when purchasing an investment property. From conducting market research through to organising pest and building inspections, no task is too small or too difficult.
With international investment rampant across many Australian suburbs, professional negotiators ensure their clients pay fair prices for sought after properties likely to appreciate better than others.
By using a professional buyer’s advocate, clients typically save three times the outlay of fees by securing an advantageous rate for their investment.
What can a buyer’s advocate offer you?
Skilled advocates secure lucrative properties whilst saving clients time and money.
Advocacy services individually tailor their services to support the specific needs of each client.
From an initial consultation right through to moving day, personal buyer’s advocates are dedicated to your investment success.
For more information contact Wise Real Estate Advice on 1300 00 WISE for an obligation-free conversation to discuss how we can transform your investment goals into a reality.

Disclaimer: while due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.


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