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1/1/2016. Article supplied by Quest Properties
Property investment is one of those topics that everyone has an opinion on. With the media a-buzz with predictions and every backyard BBQ and dinner party guest speculating on where the market is trending, if and when the bubble is going to burst, when interest rates will increase and the latest investment hot spots. It is difficult to know if anyone really knows what they are talking about.
The one statement that has consistently been associated with investor success, so much so that even a TV show was named after it, is “Location, Location, Location”. Most investors will know full well the importance of location and will aim to have a balanced portfolio that offers both cash flow security and capital growth.

Location Location Location
As an investor it is important to have a superior property, packed full of mod cons and features desired by your tenant market. Yet if it sits in the wrong town, or even in the wrong part of the right town, you could wind up struggling to maintain consistent tenancy.
The best location selection comes back to what your investment goals and strategy are. If cash-flow and income are your top priority, you’ll need to account for this when researching your ideal investment location.
You need to ensure there’s a market for your preferred property investment within your preferred area. However, there are some general golden rules to note when it comes to location, location and location;
  • Know your market (meaning other buyers and tenants) and what they look for from the area. Is it mostly young families, or upwardly mobile singles and professional couples that you’re catering for?
  • Avoid areas that only have one or two industries to sustain the local economy. Instead, look for areas with bustling and diverse business hubs.
  • Look at the type of infrastructure available and/or planned for future delivery – roads, transport, hospitals, schools, shops, restaurants, cafes and recreation facilities are considered must-haves for most tenants these days.
  • Employment opportunities – Is it close to businesses or within an easy commute?

Quest Properties – Locations
These are just a few of the many considerations Quest Properties takes into account when evaluating the quality of a potential serviced apartment investment location, and whether it’s suitable for our high-end serviced apartment properties.
From a property investor’s point of view, it means that the headache of trying to find the right location is taken away. With the help of our valued corporate customers and developers, our site selection team invest all their energy into researching, qualifying and visiting each potential location to ensure a reliable and safe option for investors.
We undertake extensive due diligence on an area, working closely with all tiers of government to find out what employment, industry and infrastructure plans are in the pipeline. Only when we have all the facts do we commit to an area, which gives our investors peace of mind in knowing that with Quest, they’re always purchasing quality property in a quality location.
The Quest Property Investment Difference
Quest Apartments offer secure investments and have over 5,000 strata titled apartments owned by private investors, who enjoy exceptional returns from a product that is second to none when it comes to long-term security and enviable cash-flow benefits.
The high rent return (commonly around 6.5% plus) and attractive tax deductions you will enjoy as a Quest investor, coupled with the removal of additional expenses like property management and letting fees, make a Quest property a secure, high yielding investment that is unquestionably as ‘safe as houses’.

Whether you’re looking to invest, exploring the various benefits or would like an update on all our property news, simply register your interest and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. http://www.questproperties.com.au/register-interest-quest-properties

Disclaimer: while due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.

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