Success Stories

    • Todd Hunter purchased his first property at just 19 and has gone on to accumulate a portfolio of over 50 properties. He explains how he went from sweeping floors for a few bucks an hour as a teenager to investing in property and making millions in equity read more

    • Proving that time in the market, rather than timing the market, is a surefire strategy for property success, Sydney’s Ash Oz – a former Centrelink customer service officer – has built a multimillion-dollar property portfolio. She shares the strategies she used to create a high-growth portfolio and rack up more than $1.5m in cash and equity. Sarah Megginson reports read more

    • Many investors go into property to have financial freedom. But once you achieve that goal, then what? Helen Collier-Kogtevs discovers the joys of helping others through her success as an investor. read more

    • If you think you’re not earning enough to start investing in property, read on as Jeremy Iannuzzelli shows you how he broke into the property market on an average income and at a very young age. Nila Sweeney tells his story. read more

    • After being unemployed for more than a year, Patrick Cornwell went on to buy properties in places such as Port Hedland and Thailand. He talks aeroplanes, living in Moldova, and dinner with Robert Redford read more

    • A tenant who turned out to be an ice addict; a property that was flooded two weeks after renovating; and a tradie who accidentally destroyed a newly painted plasterboard ceiling. These are just some of the situations investor Ben Everingham has experienced on his road to property success. Sarah Megginson reports read more