Anthony Do: "I didn’t know where to start."

By Contributor | 30 Aug 2017

Anthony Do was feeling 'ripped off' after overpaying on a property by $10k, but he dusted himself off and learned to trust again.
Now he is reaping the rewards.

Watch Anthony share his story:-

Hi, my name is Anthony Do.
I joined Real Wealth Australia two years ago. At the time, I had just bought my first home, and I found out that I’d overpaid by 10 grand. I was really disappointed, because I thought it was a good deal.

Half a year later I realised that I wanted to invest in another property, but I didn’t know where to start. I was afraid that I was going to be ripped off again, and lose another $10k. So I went online, did some research, attended some seminars and events about properties, but I couldn’t find anything that suited me.

Then somebody from Real Wealth Australia called me and introduced themselves, and I thought maybe it was a scam and maybe they wanted to take money from me, so I said no way! But then after talking to her two or three times, I thought, ‘OK, maybe this has some potential?’ So I did some research and found out a lot of good feedback about the program, so I had a long chat with my wife.

I think it was my best decision. I attended the first Masterclass. There was a lot of material and documents that we needed to go through before we were ready to buy our first property, and the most important thing we realised was that we needed to research ‘ourselves’, investigate ‘ourselves’, and invest in our experience and knowledge, before I decide to buy any property.

It’s not just, ‘you’re ready, you’ve got the money, go out and buy a property’ – that’s not important. You need to know where are you going to go, how much you can afford, what types of properties are going to suit you. I got my first investment; I think $380k was the asking price, but with the assistance of Karen, Marjo, and Helen, I managed to get it down to $362k, which was a $18k saving. I got my money back already!

Fast forward to now, I’m on my fifth property. This is the most important property for me because when we bought this one, because I didn’t ask Helen, Marjo and Karen much. To be honest, I didn’t ask them before I bought the property. I just went based on my instinct, my experience, and what I have learned from them. I bought it, and came back and checked with Helen, Karen, and Marjo just to confirm that I actually got a really good deal. The price was at least $50k below the market price, I was so happy, and now after the renovation, we are looking at a $200k net profit. That’s what I got after two years with Real Wealth Australia.

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