Rear view with Rob Zubin

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What's the best thing about investing in Tasmania?

Tasmania offers diverse investment opportunities. Within 30 minutes of Hobart, you cover country, coastal, rural and million-dollar
inner-city property. You can get a $200,000 unit achieving a  rental return of 7%, to a house of $350,000 yielding 6% return and growth over the long term. You can get inner-city property worth anything up to a million dollars and get substantially higher growth and rental returns of 4%. 

 What has been your recent, most lucrative transaction?

 We helped a client secure a stunning renovated heritage cottage in the middle of Hobart. On its own it was a fantastic buy, but the bonus of the property coming with seven income-producing car park spaces made this the most lucrative investment for our client. 

Outside of property, what do you love to do the most? 

I have always been very sporty. When my competitive football and running career ended, I continued with activities such as golf and tennis. Then my wife introduced me to motorcycle riding and whilst there was a slow start, the last couple of years have been great and I love the thrill of riding and going away with my wife on day trips, weekends away and holidays on the bikes. As I write this, I am currently on a nine-day tour of Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. It’s just great. 

If you could start again as an investor what would you  do differently?

HOLD, HOLD, HOLD. As an 18-year-old many decades ago, I purchased a block of land in Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula. From memory, it cost about $7,000. A few years later I put myself through university and unfortunately sold the block to help fund my studies. If I started again as an investor, I would have kept the block and found another way to fund my studies.

What's your childhood dream job?

I guess like many young kids, being a fireman was always appealing, and I also liked it when we went away on school camps for a week and thought when I grew up I wouldn’t mind running one of these camps. Well, I didn’t become a fireman but I did run one of these camps for six or seven years.

Where would you invest $500,000 now and what would you buy?

I would definitely buy a renovated three-bedroom cottage in North Hobart, New Town or West Hobart. These are always in strong demand and there are lots of buyers and tenants. It’s got easy access to all services, cafes and the city. However, if I was looking somewhere else, I wouldn’t mind buying a unit in Port Macquarie, NSW.

What are 5 little-known things about you?

1.    I’m an avid movie collector and watcher and music trivia buff. Sidney Poitier is one of my favourite actors.
2.    I didn’t join the army at 18 because it meant I had to cut my long hair, and now look at me.
3.    I played for Melbourne in the VFL but then went into competitive running.
4.    My first car was a LJ Torana because I was so inspired when Peter Brock won Bathurst in his Torana XU1.
5.    During my ‘early days’, people likened me
to Joe Camilleri from Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons. On a recent performance of his in Hobart, I had my photo taken with him, and people thought we were brothers.


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