Rear view with Tyron Hyde

By Nila Sweeney | 17 Mar 2016
You run marathons all over the world and still run a solid business. How do you do it?

Not sure how I do the marathons – 42km is a long haul! But in terms of juggling the training and the work, it all comes down to a great team of people around me.

Most of my staff have been with me around 10 years, so they know the company better than I do in most cases.

In regard to the training for the marathon, I’ve just got to get up and do it or I won’t get to the finish line. It’s as simple as that. And my family tend to get a holiday at the end of it, so that motivates them to motivate me!

What inspires you to keep on pushing your limits as a person/athlete and property professional?

I’m the type of person that if I say I’m going to do something, I do it at all costs, which some might call stubborn.

I got pretty sick before the last marathon in Berlin and wasn’t sure I was going to be able to finish. The on-course doctor tried to ban me at the 10km mark when he heard me coughing. So when he wasn’t looking I hid in the bushes and waited for five minutes then ran out and kept going. I did a slower time than usual but at least I finished it!

I guess that same drive has also made Washington Brown the successful company it is today.

If you had $500k to invest now, where and what would you buy?

There are always opportunities in the market. I just bought a small unit in Cairns that is yielding quite well. I’m currently looking in Hobart for a house as well. But investing in Washington Brown and myself has been my best investment to date.

What’s the coolest thing about being a kickass depreciation expert and investor?

I wish I could say that quantity surveyor is the number four sexiest occupation after film star, media baron and soccer superstar. In reality, it’s the people/developers I’ve met along the way who have taught and continue to inspire me.

What are five little-known things about you?

1. I was a state junior lawn bowler at the age of 14!
2. I married my high school sweetheart.
3. I first worked for Washington Brown as a cadet for a year – for free. Now I own the company!
4. I have a six-year-old daughter named Taylor who has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.
5. I ran a marathon on the Great Wall of China a year ago and I’m still sore.

Top Suburbs : alexandra hills , goulburn , cardiff south , newtown , mt lawley


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