Suburb Profile Report for Crackenback NSW (2627)

Crackenback Unit: Median price $360,000, Annual capital growth 11.62%, Number of sales 30, Weekly median advertised rent N/A

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Source: CoreLogic

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Property investors who have had real estate in Crackenback, 2627 should be pleased with this NSW suburb’s performance compared to the rest of the country. Over the last year it has seen median house prices increase in value by 26.32%

If we look at median property appreciation over just the last three months, Crackenback has given property investors a paper return of 16.13%. This puts Suburb as 11 on a list of fastest fasting appreciating suburbs in NSW

Metrics i HOUSE UNIT
N/A $360,000
N/A 16.13%
N/A 26.32%
N/A 11.62%
N/A 30

Source: CoreLogic

DSR Score for property investment : Balanced (H), Above average (U)
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