Suburb Profile Report for Eltham VIC (3095)

Eltham House: Median price $911,000, Annual capital growth 5.41%, Number of sales 188, Weekly median advertised rent $545

Eltham Unit: Median price $694,000, Annual capital growth 5.60%, Number of sales 88, Weekly median advertised rent $433

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Source: Monthly data update for May 2020 as supplied by CoreLogic. Data is reported to the period ending Feb 2020. Please note that property sales data is routinely updated, so may change retrospectively.

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At number 1898th in the list of Australian suburbs ordered by increase in median house value over the last year, Eltham, 3095 is in the top half with a property value increase of 0.94% recorded in median house prices.

When looking at the potential capital gains offered to property investors over the last 3 years, Eltham comes in at number 483th in VIC.

Eltham, 3095 is offering VIC ‘s 351th most discounted properties when looking at the average discount being offered by vendors. This puts it in the bottom 40% of discounts offered by this VIC.

At number 140 in a list of fastest selling suburbs, Eltham is in the TOP 10% of suburbs in Australia with an average of days on market 40.1053 for properties listed there.

Advertised rents are around the $545 mark per week – giving a return of 3.11% based on the median price in Suburb

Investment property in Eltham has done not badly for investors when compared to the country as a whole over the last 12 months, with an increase in the median house price of 8.65%

Comparing Eltham,3095 ‘s 5year and quarterly average capital gain offered to property investors, it performed less well across the longer period

When looking to buy, or assessing what properties are really achieving at sale, it's essential for property investors to take into account what discounts are being offered in Eltham, 3095. Typically our figures indicate that -7.73% is being offered, which puts this VIC suburb at 183th most discounted overall in Australia.

Often selling an investment property can take time, and in Eltham the average time real estate has been on the market is 57.3529 days.

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Selling points: Located just 20km north-east from the Melbourne CBD, Eltham provides a leafy suburban feel without losing touch with city living. Eltham is one of the 'green wedge' areas that provide relatively undeveloped, accessible environments within the Melbourne suburban region. These green wedge areas are under constant pressure from developments such as road and freeway expansions, but Eltham has managed to retain many tree-lined streets and leafy reserves. The median sale price for houses in Eltham has increased by 34% since 2007, while units have enjoyed a 29% boost during the same period.

Most common and sought after properties: Eltham is an affluent residential suburb located in Melbourne’s outer north-east. Families mainly populate Eltham and the housing stock reflects larger households, generally comprised of three and four-bedroom dwellings. The suburb also has tracts of commercial land centred on the railway line.

Top amenities: Eltham features the Alistair Knox Park, the Montsalvat art estate and Eltham Terraces Shopping Centre. Both public and private school options exist, with all schools in the area rated highly compared to the rest of Victoria.

Local industry and business: Eltham is known for its tourist attractions, including the artists’ colony at Montsalvat and the Diamond Valley Railway, which is the largest rideable miniature railway in Australia.

Recent changes: The character of the suburb is changing rapidly, with increased road traffic and higher-density housing becoming more common.

Best streets: Lavender Park Road, Sweeney’s Lane and others in the southern end of town, where large properties on substantial blocks provide good lifestyle.

Public transport: A combination of public buses and centralised rail provides good service for the local area, as well as surrounding areas and the CBD.

Main arteries: Main Road takes motorists from the suburb centre all the way to Melbourne, where it links with the Eastern Freeway.





Metrics i HOUSE UNIT
$911,000 $694,000
1.22% 2.81%
0.94% 8.65%
5.41% 5.60%
$545 $433
188 88
3.11% 3.24%
40.1052631578947 57.3529411764706

Source: Monthly data update for May 2020 as supplied by CoreLogic. Data is reported to the period ending Feb 2020. Please note that property sales data is routinely updated, so may change retrospectively.

DSR Score for property investment : Good (H), Good (U)
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Total population 18162
Median household income ($/weekly) 1850
Median age of persons 39
Median housing loan repayment ($/monthly) 1950
Average household size 2.9
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    5-14 years 2611 14.4
    25-34 years 1563 8.6
    35-44 years 2785 15.3
    45-54 years 2953 16.3
    55-64 years 2606 14.3
    Others 5645 31.1
    Age Group
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Registered Married 7636 56.4
    Not Married 4912 36.3
    Defacto Relationship 989 7.3
    Social Marital Status
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Australia 14682 83.6
    Japan 159 0.9
    Papua New Guinea 203 1.2
    United Kingdom 1085 6.2
    Other 360 2.0
    Others 1083 6.2
    Country of Birth
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Buddhism 185 1.1
    Christianity 10304 61.7
    Islam 103 0.6
    Other Religious Groups 90 0.5
    No Religion 5940 35.6
    Others 75 0.4
    Religious Affiliation
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    $1,250-$1,499 435 7.9
    $1,500-$1,999 686 12.5
    $2,000-$2,499 630 11.5
    $2,500-$2,999 759 13.8
    $3,000-$3,499 525 9.6
    Others 2455 44.7
    Gross Household Income (Weekly)
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Employed, worked full-time 5885 42.0
    Not in the labour force 3713 26.5
    Employed, worked part-time 3525 25.2
    Employed, away from work 511 3.6
    Unemployed, looking for work 367 2.6
    Person Characteristics
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Managers 1514 15.3
    Professionals 2824 28.5
    Technicians & trades workers 1307 13.2
    Clerical & administrative workers 1537 15.5
    Sales 1007 10.2
    Others 1725 17.4
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Pre-school 416 8.2
    Infants/Primary 1678 33.1
    Secondary 1502 29.6
    Technical or Further Educational Institution 415 8.2
    University or other Tertiary Institutions 913 18.0
    Others 143 2.8
    Type of Educational Institution Attending
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Separate house 16410 94.6
    Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse 686 4.0
    Flat, unit or apartment 224 1.3
    House or flat attached to a shop, office 25 0.1
    Caravan, cabin, houseboat 4 0.0
    Others 0 0.0
    Dwelling Structure
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Being purchased 2814 46.5
    Fully owned 2434 40.3
    Rented 766 12.7
    Other tenure type 32 0.5
    Tenure Type
Census 2011, ABS
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