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Boulder House: Median price $240,000, Annual capital growth 0.37%, Number of sales 63, Weekly median advertised rent $305

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Boulder is in the TOP 20% in WA when comparing median price capital growth over the last year. Boulder gave property investors a very good capital gain figure when compared to the rest of the state, with 7.14%.

Comparing Boulder,6432 ‘s 5year and quarterly average capital gain offered to property investors, it performed better across the longer period

Property investors should expect to get $305 weekly from the median priced house in this suburb.

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Boulder plays host to Western Australia’s “super pit” which rates among the biggest open-cut gold mines on the planet.
The town itself is north- east from Perth and around halfway to the South Australian border.
Kalgoorlie / Boulder is a service centre for the north-eastern gold mining region and also contains substantial deposits of nickel.
The mining sector brings great cash flow opportunities for investors in many towns and Boulder is no different in this regard.
Rental returns of 8 – 9% are being supported by a vacancy rate, which currently sits below 3%. This also means that two- bedroom units are hot items for investors.
Growing interest in the town has seen the emergence of quality cafes and restaurants, as well as a top shelf golf course, numerous junior sports clubs and regular direct flights to Melbourne and Adelaide.
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Selling points: Kalgoorlie-Boulder is a city of just over 30,000 people, being the home of the ‘Super Pit’, one of the largest open-cut gold mines in the world. Significant nickel deposits exist in the area, and it’s a service centre for the whole north-eastern goldfields. There is a large government sector based in the area and very strong rental returns have always been a feature of the real estate scene.

Most sought after properties: Character houses are always in demand, but with the current very low vacancy rate (around 2.5%) two by two units and three by two units are keenly sought after.

Sales in the $350,000 - $450,000 range are currently most common for owner occupiers, whilst investors are seeking and finding, 8% - 9% returns on purchase prices of $220,000 - $290,000.

Most common properties: The housing market in Boulder has matured greatly in the last 10 years, with modern estates popping up to satisfy demand for good quality family homes.  New four by twos with pool and shed can be purchased for $550,000 - $600,000. These properties will be rented out for $650 - $700 per week.

Top amenities: Although a working town, sport has always been a feature of living on the Goldfields with every conceivable junior sport available to families. Cafes and good quality restaurants have sprung up and with direct flights to Adelaide and Melbourne available several times a week, Boulder is a very easy place in which to live.

Local industry and business: Mining, education, police and health make up a significant proportion of the local population, with the mining services and support industries being the main players.

Recent changes: An active city council has implemented a wonderful ‘greening’ of the city, and with the recent addition of a world class, grassed golf course, with resort to come, living in Boulder just keeps on getting better.

Best streets: The beauty of Boulder real estate is its diversity.  From beautiful turn of the century character homes in wide, tree lived streets, to modern 2 x 2 apartments, or comfortable family homes still on 1012m² lots, with sheds/pools/yard for the kids, the choice is there for a wide variety of family structures and just as importantly, budgets.

Public transport: Daily train services to Perth and numerous daily flights to and from Perth, eliminate any feeling previous feelings of isolation. 

Main arteries: With 400km to the beautiful beaches of Esperance, a very good highway to Perth, or just over a two hour flight to Adelaide, which then opens up the rest of Australia to the residents of Boulder.... it just keeps getting better.


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$240,000 N/A
5.26% N/A
7.14% N/A
0.37% N/A
$305 N/A
63 N/A
6.61% N/A

Source: CoreLogic

DSR Score for property investment : Above average (U), Balanced (H)
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Total population 5358
Median household income ($/weekly) 1713
Median age of persons 30
Median housing loan repayment ($/monthly) 1650
Average household size 2.6
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    5-14 years 752 14.0
    25-34 years 937 17.5
    35-44 years 784 14.6
    45-54 years 743 13.9
    55-64 years 509 9.5
    Others 1633 30.5
    Age Group
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Not Married 1377 41.3
    Registered Married 1280 38.4
    Defacto Relationship 678 20.3
    Social Marital Status
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Australia 3589 78.0
    Papua New Guinea 452 9.8
    South Africa 88 1.9
    United Kingdom 159 3.5
    Other 98 2.1
    Others 215 4.7
    Country of Birth
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Buddhism 30 0.7
    Christianity 2681 62.2
    Hinduism 28 0.6
    Islam 23 0.5
    No Religion 1521 35.3
    Others 29 0.7
    Religious Affiliation
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    $1,000-$1,249 103 7.0
    $1,500-$1,999 238 16.2
    $2,000-$2,499 151 10.3
    $2,500-$2,999 197 13.4
    $3,000-$3,499 133 9.1
    Others 647 44.0
    Gross Household Income (Weekly)
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Employed, worked full-time 1819 51.7
    Not in the labour force 807 22.9
    Employed, worked part-time 558 15.8
    Employed, away from work 190 5.4
    Unemployed, looking for work 147 4.2
    Person Characteristics
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Professionals 245 9.5
    Technicians & trades workers 603 23.5
    Clerical & administrative workers 288 11.2
    Machinery operators & drivers 482 18.8
    Labourers 296 11.5
    Others 654 25.5
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Pre-school 87 9.3
    Infants/Primary 450 48.2
    Secondary 222 23.8
    Technical or Further Educational Institution 91 9.8
    University or other Tertiary Institutions 59 6.3
    Others 24 2.6
    Type of Educational Institution Attending
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Separate house 3780 83.3
    Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse 516 11.4
    Flat, unit or apartment 157 3.5
    Caravan, cabin, houseboat 71 1.6
    House or flat attached to a shop, office 15 0.3
    Others 0 0.0
    Dwelling Structure
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Being purchased 747 44.4
    Rented 614 36.5
    Fully owned 314 18.7
    Other tenure type 6 0.4
    Tenure Type
Census 2011, ABS
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