Advice on how to find your investment Property - YIP interviews Ian Hosking Richards


Ian Richards, CEO of Rocket Property Group covers the basics of finding a successful investment property. Stay tuned for more updates or join us on Facebook and access exclusive full-length videos and send us your questions!

Video Transcript:

There’s a lot of criteria, assessment criteria that you'd be looking for but I suppose there are four main ones. The first one would be, obviously, potential for capital growth the whole, I suppose the whole concept of investing is to build your asset base so you've got some measure of financial independence in the future. 
And in order to achieve that you do need to capital growth so we are looking in areas where there’s good population growth, a lot of infrastructure, spending and employment in the areas so that that will drive the capital growth. Where also looking for medium price properties in any given area. If you but the medium price and you can achieve the medium rent, that means most potential renters out there can afford your property. 
If you buy a high price property in a particular area, then you limit the amount of tenants out there that can afford to rent that property so going for medium is a very good idea. Also you want to look in areas with low vacancy rates and also high yields and again if you look at the drivers if there’s any particular area where there’s good population growth for employments, the you should naturally get high yields as well as low vacancy rate as they tend to go hand in hand.

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