Best Australian Investment advice in our Exeter suburb profile with the Property Professor

Exeter is a suburb in Adelaide about 14 kms from the CBD.  It’s on the Lefevre Peninsula and as the name suggests not too far away from water.  Beautiful character homes, solid brick and stone villas, cottages which were built for the wealthier [woofees] that worked at the local port, but more like some of the bosses that worked at the port and it has Semaphore Road right through the middle of it.  Semaphore road is one of the best eight streets on the coast in Adelaide and that has been gentrified just like Exeter has, where it used to be down and out, but it now no longer is down and out.
Why buy in this suburb?
The reasons you should consider buying there, relatively cheap suburb with beautiful character homes, great renovation opportunities, but if you are going to renovate you need to fit the character homes and generally speaking, that’s homes that were built before World War II.  Great development opportunities.  The local council in the area in many parts of Exeter, you only need 250 sq.mts. per new dwelling.  Be careful though, some areas are historic conservation which means you cannot knock them down, but there are certainly plenty of renovation and development opportunities in Exeter.
Best streets to buy in
The areas to focus on in Exeter, proximity of Semaphore Road is important, walking distance to the cafes and the shops and also the closer you are to Newport keys which is the redeveloped outport of Adelaide, the better off you are going to be.
Streets to avoid
The main road running through Exeter is Causeway Road, so you want to avoid that one.  Other streets to be wary of are Teakle Street and the east end of Tracy Street.
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