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Capital Gains Tax Explained

Video Transcription

Capital Gains Tax Explained by Jason Whitton
Founder of Positive Real Estate

In this video learn how to reduce your capital gains tax on your investment, what tax you would have to pay on your own home and a smart concession for businesses.

  •     Four places you will find it… and how to never to pay it on your investments
  •     Investment properties and their 12 month window
  •     Principal Place of Residence structuring
  •     Small Business Concessions… how this applies to property investors
  •     Property purchased by Superannuation

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What you’ll learn on the night:

  •     How to retire earlier and with passive income
  •     Best types of properties to purchase
  •     How to pay your home off – in 15 years or less
  •     Reduce your tax bill and get more money back in your pocket
  •     Where your weekly pay goes and how you can make it go further
  •     How to use your home equity to invest in your next property
  •     The best markets to buy into and the ones you should avoid

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