Cheap seaside suburb profile: Christies Beach, Adelaide with the Property Professor

Christies Beach.  Christies Beach is about 30 kms from Adelaide, but as the name suggests it’s on the beach.  Christies Beach is like a Redcliffe in Brisbane or like a Seaford in Melbourne.  It’s a place that actually I as a child would go to with the family to spend the day by the beach or the weekend by the beach because we considered that Christies Beach a fair way from the city.  But with the improved road infrastructure and rail infrastructure, Christies Beach is really now only 30 minutes from the CBD.  It used to be a down and out area, but there is a lot of, in particular local government money being spent in the area, which is gentrifying the area.  There is a suburb next door called Christie Downs and I don’t want you to get two mixed up.  The area that I am talking about is Christies Beach, which is the beachside suburb whereas Christie Downs is further away and it’s also got a lot of low quality housing in the area.  

It’s got nearby high schools, the large [Noarlunga] Shopping Centre, so it’s very well serviced as far as schools and transport is concerned because the train actually at the moment stops at the [Noarlunga] Shopping Centre, but the train line is being extended further down to a suburb known as Seaford.
Why buy in this suburb?
Reasons you should buy in Christies Beach, very cheap seaside suburb.  At the moment Adelaide’s median house price is $410,000.  Median house price, not median unit price, but median house price in Christies Beach is only $330,000 and for that you get yourself a 3 bedroom house, built in the 60s, so it’s not the best house in the world, but it’s probably round about 750 to 800 sq.mts.  So some excellent development opportunities there.  If you are looking to develop in a beachside suburb in Adelaide, Christies Beach would certainly be one of those suburbs that I would be targeting as the Council has rezoned large parts of Christies Beach and now you can get down to 150 sq. mtrs. per new dwelling.  So there are some absolutely great opportunities to be developing in Christies Beach.  Renovation wouldn’t worry about it in Christies Beach, couldn’t, there would be only a handful of character homes in the whole suburb, because the most of them were built in the 60s.
Best streets to buy in
So far as areas to focus on in Christies Beach, I’d concentrate close to the beach.  So it’s either walking distance to the beach or even a view of the water would be ideal and also proximity to Beach Road because Beach Road is the main shopping strip in Christies Beach, so if you are within walking distance there, that’s going to appeal to many people.
Streets to avoid
Areas to avoid, Dyson Road is a very busy arterial road and many of the houses north of [Dolton] Road are low quality houses.  So you want to try and avoid that precinct.

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