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Foreign land: How to invest in the US property market

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Video Transcription

Why should investors consider buying property in the US?
Jason Simpson:  It’s a fantastic time to be buying in America.  It’s cash flow positive which is fantastic.  We don’t see this here in Australia anymore.  Here’s an opportunity to get into the US market into quality locations, next to private schools, where people want to live.  You pick the ideal home, small renovation, a tenant is going to want to stay there long term and they are going to pay you a positive cash flow every month, month after month for years to come.
That can have a significant impact on your income and it can give you a choice.  You can retire early, you can put it into your self managed super fund.  Just opens up a world of opportunity.  The US market at the moment is at a lull, it’s been at a lull for a few years with the global financial crisis.  
I have just got back from the US, North Dakota in particular and the opportunities there are staggering.  The market is starting to dip, it is starting to turn and starting to rise.  Australians really need to look at this opportunity now.  You know as little as 30, 40 or 50,000 dollars, we can get into a quality home in a quality location.
Do you help investors to find the right property?
Jason Simpson:  Absolutely.  I go over to the States quite regularly.  We have full time staff that work for us  in seven states.  They know exactly what our criteria is for a quality home.  We search thousands of homes every week.  We only cherry pick very very best to put on our website.  There is no financial interest in any of our properties whatsoever.  So we are just there out looking for the best interests of our investors on every single transaction.
Are investors nervous about buying property in the US?
Jason Simpson:  People are always nervous about buying offshore.  You know I think the price point gets them excited, but they are always nervous.  Is the home really worth that much and this and that and the building inspection and the ownership and the insurance and will they get a tenant and property management.  They are significant questions that every investor will come to us with.  We have dealt with this with hundreds of investors so far.  
Because we are there looking after the investor and we don’t have property sitting on the shelf, we have all those things in place, the insurance, the valuations, the building inspections.  We are there for the investors results because we want them to come back and buy a second and a third and a fourth home.  We want the referrals, that’s what our business is based on and that’s what happens with us.  We love it!

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