Property Investors Forum 2012

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Savvy home buyers made their way to the Property Investors Forum in Sydney for an inside track on how to build a successful portfolio.  More than 200 investors gathered at the event held by Your Investment Property Magazine to hear from the leading economists and industry experts on the future of the Australian property market as well as investment strategies that work.
Andrew Wilson, Australian Property Monitors
There are good signs that reflect the resilience of Australian housing markets.
Lindy Lear, Rock Property Group
I find that as a property advisor everyone wants a bit of help.  You know there is so much information out there, that they need someone who can sift through it.
Patrick Cornwell, 2010 Investor of the Year
Buy big dream house last not first.  Don’t saddle yourself with a large debt yourself for right from off the bat, because that limits your borrowing capacity, your servicing ability to get more money.
A host of high profile speakers offered their top tips on a range of topics including the best performing suburbs, capital raising and investment opportunities.
Andrew Wilson, Australian Property Monitors Australians have it in their DNA to invest in bricks and mortar and they have it in their DNA to be home owners.  We have one of the highest ownerships rates in the world, 70% of Australians are either applying to own their home and this is one of the fundamental factors that drives the financial security or the investment security over the longer term of Australian housing.
Ian Hosking Richards, Rocket Property Group
This is a fantastic day.  I have been speaking to a lot of the delegates here and everyone is finding that, you know there is a lot of useful information, practical information that they can kind of go away, take away with them and kind of use to help, help start their portfolio or grow an existing portfolio.
There were smiles all round as property investors took the opportunity to learn about property sector at one of the most prestigious events on the real estate industry’s calendar.  This is Donna Sawyer reporting to For Your Investment Property.

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