Property News Update: 11th January 2019

Watch (or listen) as Nicola McDougall, Sarah Megginson and Kevin Turner catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.


1. Why Brisbane will succeed by failing

Brisbane's residential market is expected to outperform Sydney and Melbourne during 2019, even as its own prices decline slightly faster overall... READ MORE

2. 2019 – a good year for buyers

Property stock levels are soaring in several capital cities across Australia as homeowners struggle to sell leaving homes to languish on the market... READ MORE

3. Old problems with new buildings

How unique is Sydney's Opal Tower crisis? The evacuation of all residents is unusual – and an occurrence probably not seen in Sydney since... READ MORE

4. Was 2018 the year of the renter?

After years of being treated like second-class citizens, 2018 was the year renters finally got a break. Sky-high capital-city house prices had locked... READ MORE

5. An agent tells it as it is

Real estate agents are renowned for their lingo when it comes to glossing over a property’s less attractive attributes. But an Avalon Beach agent... READ MORE


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