Property News Update: 19th October 2018

What's made the news this week?

Watch (or listen) as Nicola and Kevin catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.


1. Facebook solves an open house crime

When broker Haley Larson got a tearful call about her client’s family jewelry going missing, she knew she had to do something… READ MORE

2. NSW market needs help

New South Wales (NSW) market might need some help back on it’s feet, as the latest Australia and New Zealand Banking… READ MORE

3. Queensland home to an ultra-luxury sky home

A property billed as “Brisbane’s biggest penthouse listing of 2018” has hit the market, as demand for ultra-luxurious sky homes in… READ MORE

4. Most photographed house in England struggles to sell

Turns out Harry Potter’s birthplace, a historic timber-framed house from the 14th century, has niche appeal… READ MORE


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