YIP Investors Forum: Ben Kingsley of Empower Wealth

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Sara Terrill:  Thanks very much for joining us here today.  My name is Sara Terill.  I am the National Manager for Sales and Product Marketing at Defence Housing, Australia. Some of you, I have had the privilege of talking to already today.  But just to give you a little bit of an overview of DHA.  We are a government business enterprise and we sell residential houses to investors under a lease back arrangement.  So I will be here during the day.  I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of the team from Your Investment Property and the speakers and I can tell you that you are in for a great day.
Whether you are a new or seasoned property investor, you are going to go home today with some new tools, some new tips and perhaps even your thinking challenged about how you can make money in today’s residential property market. We have got a big day under our belt as I said.  So I just want to give you a brief overview of what we are in for today.  
We are going to start the day off with a presentation from Ben Kingsley, who is the CEO and founder of Empower Wealth Advisory.  He is going to share his insights into the current market and the steps you can take to generate a passive income for life through property.  He will be followed by Rich Harvey, Managing Director of Property Buyer, a leading Buyers’ Agency in Sydney.  He is going to share with us how you can use free property statistics such as what you find in Your Investment Property magazine to pick a winning suburb to invest in and how to avoid analysis paralysis, one of my favourite terms.  
We are going to have a short break after that.  All our breaks are going to be in the area just downside here and you will have the ability to network amongst yourselves. We really do encourage that as part of the day.  Ian Hosking Richards will be up next and he is the CEO and founder of Rocket Property Group.  He, we have all heard about the money on offer in Australian mining towns and he is going to share his insights into the risks and rewards of investing in those areas.  
He will be followed by Scott McCray, a personal mortgage advisor from Smartline and you know we can all read the magazines, you can get all the best tips in the world, but unless you have got your investment strategy sorted and you have got your finances sorted you are a bit stuck.  So I am really forward to his presentation and the tips he has on offer for us.  
That will be followed by a short lunch break and then we will joined by David How.  He is the Managing Director and CEO of Real Estate Investor.  So with so much information at your fingertips, it’s really important to know, what’s valid data and how do you use it to help you know form your investment strategy.  To know what’s reliable and how do I identify those gold investment opportunities.  He will be followed by George Nowak, Managing Director of Accountancy firm, Charterhill.  Now self managed super funds and particularly buying property through self managed super funds is a key topic at the moment and he is going to explain how to do it and most importantly how to avoid the traps and mistakes, so you don’t get in trouble from the Australian tax office.
Again we are going to have another short networking break and then we get into one of my favourite parts and that’s Real Investor Case studies.  We have got a slight change in the program.  Unfortunately we Renee McGlashan who was down to join us, hasn’t been able to make it.  But that’s great because we have got more time to hear from Peter Younghusband and Patrick Cornwell.  Peter Younghusband is featured in Your Investment Property magazine.  He was rated as an A+ investor and he is going to share his story and how he has come to be an A+ investor.  Patrick was voted the Your Investment Property magazine’s 2010 investor of the year.  So it’s going to be really interesting to hear his story and what he is now doing, now that he is, you know gone into the next chapter in his life, retired or semi-retired I should say because he is about to take a big new leap in the property industry and he will share his insights around that.
Before we start just a little bit of housekeeping.  For those that have forgotten to do so, you can just please turn off your mobile phones or turn them to silent. The rest rooms for those that need them are outside the doors here to my left.  The format for today, I might ask you to hold your questions until the end of each presentation.  If you got some note pads and pens near your slides, so just jot down that little burning question.  At the end I will call for questions, please raise your hand and wait until the microphone comes to you, so that the question can be heard from all of the audience. 

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