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Patrick Cornwell and Peter Younghusband
Sara Terrill:  We are going to get straight back into it.  And we will be able to maximise that time.  As I said at the beginning, this is one of my favourite parts of the forum. It’s not too dissimilar.  As I said I work at Defence Housing, Australia.  I am the Sales and Product Marketing Manager and a lot of our advertising is based on investor testimonials.  And for me that’s one of the most rewarding parts of the job. These are real people, not paid models and it’s fascinating to go out and speak to them about what it was that made them buy and to hear about their investment journey and that’s what we are going to find out today.
So the format for this afternoon’s panel, just so you are aware.  I am going to be joined by Peter Younghusband and Patrick Cornwell.  Peter is going to present first.  Well he’ll present his journey and then move, I may go to the floor for a couple of questions, just to Peter.  Patrick is then going to take over the reins and again he will present his story and we will have time for a few questions and then at the end what I thought we would do is that we open up the floor and allow you the opportunity to ask both of them some questions.  So you know if we finish up early, we will get to our drinks early, but please don’t discourage that from questions.  I have some up my sleeve for both of them as well.  
So I am going to start by introducing Peter.  So Peter started off as a music teacher and his investment journey started in 2000, when he was in a staffroom discussion about residential property investing.  You know we come from all walks of life, how we get to be here.  Today here in, sorry at the time he was looking for something safe and easy and due to the fact that he was located in Karatha, so most of you would know that’s in remote North Western Australia.  Today he owns 6 investment properties, 4 of which are with his investment partner and that’s an interesting part of his case too and it’s now given him such success that he is semi-retired.  He chooses when and if he wants to work.  Your Investment Property did a little case study on Peter, a little while ago now and he was actually rated as an ‘A’ plus investor and today you are going to find out why.  So it gives me great pleasure to pass, go over to Peter Younghusband.
Peter Younghusband:  Thank you Sara and good afternoon everybody.  Most people that we heard from today are governed by some sort of act because of the information that they are telling you, whether it’s in financial services act or some sort of real estate act or whatever.  I am not because all I have to do is, is tell you about my story. So although I am not governed by either of those acts, I am governed by one other act which is the Partner Act.  My partner Karen is sitting at the back there and if you find anything now about me to do that I haven’t told you already, it’s not that I am hiding it, I just haven’t got around to it yet.
As Sara said, I spent 7 ½ years living in Karatha.  Has anybody actually been to Karatha?  Oh got a couple, excellent.  It was funny listening to the speakers early this morning when I think it was Ian who was referring to Port Headland as a hellhole. Well I can concur because I spent a week in Headland one day on several occasions.  And it’s about 250 ks from Karatha and I used to take the kids there to a music festival once a year and I often looked back at my time in Karatha as being, I was very lucky in so much as I was placed there and not in Port Headland.
Karatha back then when I arrived in 1997 was not as well known as it is today. Because of the mining boom, again we’ve heard about today and the other things that are going on in that area, it now features in lots of property magazines, newspapers, on the news and all the rest of it.  Whereas back then it was about 8,000 that was living there and of course we all knew each other and the only people that knew about it were us because we were there.  
And obviously times have changed and it’s certainly moved on and upwards in the world.  So my investment story begins.  I was 31 years old when I received an inheritance.  My grandmother died and I came into $30,000.  Now up until that point, I lived like many other people from fortnight to fortnight, when I got paid.  I was fortunate because of being
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