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Glanville is a suburb that’s about 14 kms from the CBD.  It’s on the Lefevre Peninsula.  It’s a lovely older style suburb of Adelaide.  Many of the houses there were built for the maritime workers that worked at the Port of Adelaide and a lot of those older character style homes still exist and they are very popular in particular with people who like to buy property and live in it, rather than investors.  It’s only a km from the water.  There is a train line there and Semaphore Road which is a very popular [edge street] is within walking distance of Glanville.  Very small suburb, it doesn’t have that many streets, but it certainly is a gem on the Lefevre Peninsula.

Why buy in this suburb?
Reasons you should buy there.  Very cheap Adelaide suburb, so median house price in the low 300s and that’s house price, that’s not unit price, that’s house price.  So very cheap suburb.  Pretty close to the water, got a train station and it would benefit from the ripple effect of the redevelopment of the old Port of Adelaide which is called Newport Quays.  Newport Quays is like a small scale Darling Harbour, so there would be apartments and shops and marina berths, obviously not as big as Darling Harbour, but the area, the whole area is being gentrified and suburbs like Glanville and Etherton and Exeter which are neighbouring suburbs will benefit from that ripple effect.
Best streets to buy in
So far as areas to focus on are concerned, the closer you are to Newport Quays the better off you are going to be, so far as capital growth is concerned.  And if you buy relatively close to the Newport Quays, you are also relatively close to the train station, so easy access to the city.
Streets to avoid
The street you want to avoid is Causeway Road, that’s the main road.  It can have a lot of heavy vehicles driving up and down.  So you want to avoid being either on the Causeway Road or too close to the Causeway Road.
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