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Auction Update: The Wrap – 15th February 2019

Video Transcription

The combined capital city final auction clearance rate remained above 50 per cent last week, however volumes are still quite low across the capitals. The last time we saw the final weighted average clearance above 50 per cent was back in late September 2018 when volumes were significantly higher.


Auction volumes are set to rise this week, with over 1,300 homes scheduled for auction across the combined capital cities.


Melbourne is expected to see the most significant increase in volumes over the week, with 607 scheduled auction properties and across Sydney, 501 homes are set to go under the hammer.


Across the smaller auctions markets, Canberra and Perth will see an increase in activity over the week, while the remaining cities will see fewer homes taken to auction.


See the full wrap from last weekend and Geoff White’s thoughts about the weekend ahead.


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