Tax Strategies - Investment Strategies

    • If superannuation is a minefield, navigating the superannuation rules around SMSFs investing in property could be likened to disarming individual mines without detonating them. We asked Eddie Chung to explain exactly what your SMSF can do with property investments – and, just as importantly, what they can’t do. read more

    • Though information sharing is a cornerstone of the digital age, it can also lead to misconceptions being perpetuated – especially when it comes to tax. Eddie Chung sheds some light on two of the most commonly misinterpreted property tax deductions read more

    • A wise man name Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” For the approximately 200,000 American expats currently residing in Australia, filing tax returns not only in Australia, but also in their country of origin is an absolute certainty. read more

    • Property development almost always gives rise to GST implications because of the high dollar value of the transactions involved. Eddie Chung shares the details you need to know before you consider putting spade to soil. read more

    • Approximately 1.3 million Britons now live in Australia. Many choose to retain UK properties but are not fully aware of the UK tax, and in particular the inheritance tax (IHT), implications. With information sharing between tax authorities now the norm, it is no longer possible to ignore this. read more

    • Are you considering partnering with other investors to grow your property  holdings? Eddie Chung explains the ins and outs of using a private unit trust to create a property investing syndicate, from tax and legal considerations to the all-important aspect of finance read more