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Top 20 suburbs for investors with $100k deposit

New research has revealed the top 20 suburbs for investors looking to enter the market with a $100k deposit.

Sydney at an “extreme” rental supply shortage

The city’s vacancy rate hit a new record low in July after a short recovery in the previous month.

17 Sydney suburbs cheaper than 5 years ago

Inflation hits landlords’ cash flows as rents struggle to keep up

NO, You Should NOT Put Your Property Search on Hold!

No strategy in place for one in two first-time investors

Rate hikes trigger fear of overpaying among bidders

ACT unveils concessional loan for cladding replacement

Drop in investor lending signals worsening rental shortage

5 best markets for buying positively-geared homes

RBA rolls out a 50bps hike, bringing the cash rate to 1.85%

Vacancy rates now at lowest on record

Rental yields lift as price downturn spreads

Changes to tenancy laws could force over 60% of WA investors to sell

Units outperform houses for the first time in three years

Rising rates to pull property prices down by up to 10% in 2023

Auction markets hit with a triple whammy

Guide to selling your investment property

How much does it cost to build a duplex?

Doubled fees likely to discourage foreign investors

Property groups renew calls for Victoria to overhaul stamp duty

Stiff tenant competition persists in Queensland

Revealed: 5 regional markets where boom is set to continue

Price discounting surges in Sydney, Melbourne

Downturn creeps across over 40% of property markets

Vacancy rates still tight at 1% — until when?

Yields rise as rental gains outpace price growth

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