Today we discuss how long (and why) it takes a property investor to become financially independent.

You may not like the answer.

This is part of a series of How to Avoid the Common Investor Mistakes videos, so that you won’t make the same errors in the beginning investors to.

Watch as we explain:

  • It often takes 30 years to develop financial independence through property;
  • The first 10 years you tend to lean what not to do as you try out a number of systems, strategies; 
  • Then you have to build a substantial asset base and next;
  • 50% of those who buy an investment property sell up in the first five years;
  • 90% of property investors never get past their first or second property
  • Sure you’ll get emails in your inbox telling you to go along to a seminar or watch a webinar where you can buy 7 properties in 7 minutes, or that you can buy property with no money down or buy a property with your lunch money;
  • Property is not a get rich quick scheme, but people are in a hurry so many look for the next hot spot;
  • Some ideas about how you can shorten that 30 year time frame including getting a mentor.