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Success Stories

Rear View With Lindy Lear

As the general manager of Rocket Property Group, Lindy Lear lives and breathes real estate – but during her downtime she likes to get as far away from the office as possible read more

Multimillion Property Portfolio Delivers $17K Annual Cash Flow

With prominent architects as parents, it was always likely that Christine Lucas would have properties and buildings in her blood. Her passion for real estate has led her to cultivate a profitable stable of properties, and currently returns around $17,000 each year in positive cash flow. Sarah Megginson reports read more

How I Snapped Up 3 Properties in 8 Months

This time last year, Philip Shin had no properties or plan. He now has both and is on the lookout for his fourth purchase. Philip tells Your Investment Property how he did it read more

Expert Advice

The Self-Employed Investor’s Guide to Getting Finance Helen Collier-Kogtevs

My apologies, self-employed people, but you’re risky, unreliable, seasonably variable and sometimes a little fuzzy with your paperwork. Or at least, that’s what a lender will say when you walk in the door asking for a loan. read more

Property Investment Q&A

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David Bannerman and Ben Robertson explain how current laws work in the event of water damage to an apartment. read more