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Success Stories

My hard work has paid off. So have my DHA investments.

Katalin and her husband are proud Hungarians. They’ve always been hard workers and had built themselves a comfortable life in Hungary. But when Katalin had her daughter, a better life in Australia beckoned and they immigrated here in the early 90s. read more

'My Best Investment' With Michael Beresford

Michael Beresford, director of investment services at OpenCorp, may help people secure their financial future through property, but his own best investment to date cost him far less than a parcel of real estate read more

'Lazy' Investors Guide To $800K Capital Growth

When Wai Oo realised his profession as an aviation engineer was under threat, he found himself scrambling to find a back-up income. He turned to property and now, 10 years and four investments later, his financial future is secure read more

Expert Advice

The Self-Employed Investor’s Guide to Getting Finance Helen Collier-Kogtevs

My apologies, self-employed people, but you’re risky, unreliable, seasonably variable and sometimes a little fuzzy with your paperwork. Or at least, that’s what a lender will say when you walk in the door asking for a loan. read more

Property Investment Q&A

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Leading reno expert Cherie Barber answers a reader question about how to pick the right agent to sell your property, and what to look out for. read more