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Success Stories

Anne Morelli reveals: How I rode to financial freedom

The ability to make money out of property first caught Anne’s eye in her early 20s and the deeper she looked into it, the more it fascinated her. However, the context of the time was not one which would encourage her ambition... But Anne foresaw a different path for herself. When she looked around at the people who were financially successful she discovered they had one thing in common: property. read more

From school dropout to property millionaire

Martin Clay knew early on that school was not going to define his career path. In fact it was the holidays spent with his father that really solidified his dreams of property ownership. read more

Investing Solo: Solo parent picks up 3 properties – and counting.

It took going through a divorce for Tanya Cleary to realise she needed to take control of her financial future – and fast. Just two short years later, the mother-of three has a trio of property investments to her name, and plans to grow a positively geared portfolio that will support her well into retirement. Sarah Megginson tells her story. read more

Expert Advice

Bye Bye Boom – What Happens Next? Todd Hunter

Sydney and Melbourne are done - I called it all the way back in April. So let’s move on and see what actually happens after an area booms read more

Property Investment Q&A

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Every month, leading reno expert Cherie Barber answers your questions on renovations. This month Cherie tackles questions about how to do your research, what external renovations to do, and whether you should style your property or not before selling. To have Cherie answer your reno questions, email them to read more