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Success Stories

How we built our $4m portfolio quickly and safely

Despite being rejected multiple times by the banks, Wayne and Kirrily Bennett managed to amass 12 properties worth over $4m. Here’s how they did it read more

Eliza Haycroft: How a middle-aged single mum managed to break into the property market

Despite a series of personal struggles, Eliza Haycroft persisted and took action to start building a portfolio that would set her up for the future read more

Rear view with Tyron Hyde

From running marathons all over the world to running a highly successful property business as well as writing a book and actively investing in property, Tyron Hyde juggles all of these things with grace and flair. He talks about what inspires and pushes him to achieve more read more

Expert Advice

Benefits of Buying Apartments Lindy Lear

Investors are often in two minds about buying apartments to add to their investment portfolios. With Australian lifestyles and demographics changing, it may be that buying apartments will have be attractive to many more investors in the future. read more

Property Investment Q&A

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  • Tax QnA

David Bannerman and Ben Robertson explain how current laws work in the event of water damage to an apartment. read more