Success Stories

Audra Tracy: How I built a portfolio I could retire on

Audra Tracy decided to get serious about property investing just seven years ago. In the time since, she has built a substantial portfolio of 17 properties worth a total of $5.9m read more

Rear view with Duane Robinson

Photographer Duane Robinson broke into the property market on a $40k a year income, and together with his family has grown a portfolio of six properties worth $1.2m. He talks about his strangest investment experience and one of the photos he is most proud to have taken read more

From Africa with Love

An investment history spanning three countries and two continents has given Sue and Anthony Hardwick a unique perspective of the property world. After 30 years of hard work, determination and a leap of faith, this property-mad couple can finally sit back, relax and reap the fruits of their labour. read more

Expert Advice

3 reasons to research AFTER you’ve bought Jeremy Sheppard

My worst mistakes in property investing revolve around missing the right time to sell. The “never sell” philosophy was drummed into me as a noob by well-meaning educators. I’ve bought property that has doubled in value in a few years. I definitely got my research right. But I stopped my research once I had bought. Prices dropped back to where they started and they stayed there. Ouchy lessons like that have taught me that there are definitely occasions when an investor needs to sell. So when is it? read more

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Our resident experts answer readers’ questions regarding borrowing when you’re over 50 and the recently implemented new credit reporting system in Australia read more