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Success Stories

Young Renovators House-Hop their Way to Success

Together for 18 years, Deb Campodonico and her husband Aldo first dipped their toes into property investment 10 years ago. They tell Pauline Hatch how, by creating their own equity and cash flow through renovations, they leapfrogged their way up the property ladder and are now moving into the next phase of their evolving strategy read more

New Investors Take Some Strategies For A Spin

As relatively new investors, Gold Coast couple Ash and Simon weren’t afraid to test different strategies to find the best fit for their situation. From putting up their own home for rent, to using their superannuation fund to add to their growing portfolio, Simon and Ash jumped in both feet first and didn’t look back – even when things didn’t quite go to plan. Pauline Hatch reports read more

Investor of the Year 2016 Awards: Keshav Jha

Self-taught investor creates a $5m portfolio in five years read more

Expert Advice

Riding the property roller coaster Lindy Lear

Investing can seem like a roller coaster ride as property markets go up and down around the country. Strategies to ride out the highs and lows may make the ride a little more comfortable for you read more

Property Investment Q&A

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Your Tax questions answered:- Would I be better off  selling within six months and not renting out, so there are no blurred lines? Will I get full tax advantages (ie negative gearing) when using this money? read more