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Success Stories

​Karin Mackay: How I built my $7.1M Portfolio

From a young age Karin Mackay has been driven by her passion for property. Despite some ups and downs, her love of property has served her well: she currently has a portfolio of 10 properties worth a total of $7.1m read more

Rebecca Hawson

From a failed import business to a burgeoning property portfolio, Rebecca Hawson has seen many ups and downs in investing. Having faced and overcome these daunting challenges, she now enjoys the fruit of her investments. Here she shares the steps she took and lessons she learned along the way read more

Rear View with Deanna Ezzy

Latin dancer and mortgage broker Deanna Ezzy talks about her passion for property, balance at work and on the dance floor, and riding motorbikes read more

Expert Advice

Co-ownership - the right way Paul Wilson

New research conducted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has confirmed the Australian dream of owning your own home is declining with figures showing house prices are becoming out of reach for many household incomes. The research shows Australia is just behind Belgium and Canada in terms of housing affordability in comparison to taxable income which poses the question – how can Australians get ahead when it comes to owning their own home? read more

Property Investment Q&A

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  • Tax QnA

Our panel of experts advise on how renovation costs are treated as tax deductible, and on how to find the best deals read more