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Success Stories

My Reno disaster and success

As an active investor and sought-after property investment coach at Positive Real Estate in Tasmania, Carolyn knows a thing or two about renovation, yet she’s not immune to reno disasters. With a few clever decisions and quick thinking, Carolyn not only turned the disaster around but made a handsome $55,000 profit in the process read more

How we turned $55k into $130k in 3 months

Cheyne and Sarah Meehan made serious profit through smart buying and renovation. Here’s how they managed to double their money in less than three months. read more

How we made $105k in less than 1 month

Parrish and wife Alyce embarked on a smart renovation that produced them an enviable $105k profit in just a month. Here’s how they did it read more

Expert Advice

Cash Flow Positive Properties – fact or fiction? Ian Hosking Richards

I often get calls from potential investors who are particularly interested in finding an investment property that will give them positive cash flow. They may have read a book about buying for cash flow, or read an article somewhere, or been advised by a friend or work colleague. Now I would be the first to agree that minimizing holding costs is important. However blindly chasing cash flow above all else is a mistake in my view, and often leads to bad investment decisions. read more

Property Investment Q&A

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Despina Priala explains some of the common issues that creep into contracts of sale for properties read more