Success Stories

Investor of the Year Awards 2014 Winner: Matt Armstrong

When Matt Armstrong was in his early ’20s, he was confronted with one of the hardest and most important decisions of his life. read more

Investor of the Year Awards 2014 Runner-Up: Anna & Melvyn Correia

Successful full-time property investors? Check. Involved parents? Check. Active property investing networkers and bloggers? Check. Sponsor to three children in the developing world? Check. read more

Investor of the Year Awards 2014 Runner-Up: Michelle Powys

Once upon a time, Michelle Powys could regularly be spotted with her foot jammed hard on the accelerator, zipping around a racing-car track. Yet these days it’s the speed at which she has implemented an effective property investing strategy that’s impressing judges most. read more

Expert Advice

Abolishing negative gearing won’t solve the problem Jeremy Sheppard

Getting rid of negative gearing will not solve the problem. If the problem is high prices, then getting rid of negative gearing won’t solve it. read more

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Our tax experts are on hand to answer any tax queries you may have regarding your property investments and wealth creation strategies. Email your taxing questions to read more