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Success Stories

Desmond Dao: Following my heart on my journey towards retirement

Desmond Dao is 30 years old, happily married, and the owner of 10 properties. His future plans? To retire in five years, travel the world, and inspire others to chase their dreams. John Hilton tells his story read more

Rear view with Zoran Solano

Zoran Solano likes rugby, Iron Man and investing, but not necessarily in that order. The buyer’s agent at Hot Property Specialists talks tips for investors and his passions in life read more

Anne Morelli reveals: How I rode to financial freedom

The ability to make money out of property first caught Anne’s eye in her early 20s and the deeper she looked into it, the more it fascinated her. However, the context of the time was not one which would encourage her ambition... But Anne foresaw a different path for herself. When she looked around at the people who were financially successful she discovered they had one thing in common: property. read more

Expert Advice

Overcoming the fear of property investing Sam Saggers

To defeat the fears that come with any new venture we need knowledge but knowledge alone doesn’t create wealth. We’ve got to put that knowledge into action. The following psychological factors keep many investors from success. Don’t let them stop your wealth creation efforts. read more

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Despina Priala explains what options a landlord has when they want to increase the rent read more