SMSF Property Investor

SMSF Property Investor

How To Invest In Property With Your SMSF

A perfect asset class for your SMSF

If you are pursuing a safe and ongoing income source from your SMSF, now might be the time to buy an investment property. However, there are strict rules of investing in property through your SMSF. R ...

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Purchasing property through your SMSF

Purchasing property through your SMSF isn’t as easy as it is individually. Before 2007, you couldn’t borrow in a SMSF, which meant you had to have a large fund to be able to purchase property. Since t ...

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Is borrowing through SMSF safe from the chopping b ...

The recent Financial System Inquiry recommended banning SMSFs from borrowing to invest in property. What would this mean for you as an investor, and what’s the likelihood it will materialise? Neil How ...

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YIP Investor Help

SMSF Calculator: How much can I borrow?

Use this SMSF calculator to work out how much you can borrow for an SMSF funded investment property

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SMSF How to Guides

The tax benefits of investing through SMSF are luring many investors to set up their own super fund. But as Eddie Chung explains, there are a number of traps for the unwary read more

SMSF expert Graeme Colley sifts through the red tape to explain what exactly you can and can’t do to your SMSF properties to keep them shipshape. read more

Property Investment Q&A

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Our tax experts take a look at capital gains and the right way to claim deductions. Email your taxing questions to read more