SMSF Property Investor

SMSF Property Investor

How To Invest In Property With Your SMSF

What to know about SMSF property rules

Are you considering setting up your own SMSF? You are not alone. The SMSF Association of Australia revealed there are more than 550,000 SMSF funds in Australia, making it the fastest growing superannu ...

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Investing in property with SMSF

To be responsible for a SMSF is a complex and challenging task, but with commitment, knowledge and the right advice, the astute Investor has the potential to reap immense financial rewards. SMSFs del ...

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Purchasing property through your SMSF

Purchasing property through your SMSF isn’t as easy as it is individually. Before 2007, you couldn’t borrow in a SMSF, which meant you had to have a large fund to be able to purchase property. Since t ...

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YIP Investor Help

SMSF Calculator: How much can I borrow?

Use this SMSF calculator to work out how much you can borrow for an SMSF funded investment property

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SMSF How to Guides

Often, we don’t give enough consideration to which structure we should use to legally own our investment property or properties. It’s an important element of your overall investment strategy and should be thoroughly investigated. The right selection can potentially save you a lot of money and heartache as your portfolio grows. It can save you thousands in tax each year and help protect your assets, so it’s well worth researching the options and talking to your accountant and financial advisor to ensure you reap the maximum benefit from day one. read more

Investing through an SMSF has become the latest fad among investors but many are jumping on the bandwagon without understanding how the process works. If you’re confused, read on as Eddie Chung explains how to use an SMSF to build your nest egg read more

Property Investment Q&A

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Every month, leading reno expert Cherie Barber answers your questions on renovations. This month Cherie tackles questions about buying a rundown property, what external renovations to do, and whether or not you should consider wallpaper in your rental property. read more