Rich Harvey

Rich Harvey

Rich Harvey is CEO of propertybuyer the Multi-Award winning Buyers Agents. Rich is an avid property investor, economist and leading property commentator. Rich and his team have helped over 1700 home buyers and investors find their dream home and top performing investment properties. Rich has won over 25 major awards including the prestigious National Telstra Business award and is a seven time winner of the Buyers Agent “Award for Excellence”.

  • Clearly, you're going to need quite a nest egg – more than super alone is likely to provide. So if you're looking at Sydney investment property to create wealth in the long term, how many homes would you need to collect in a portfolio? read more

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  • When it comes to actually finding a property in these prices ranges, it takes in-depth research and knowledge of where to locate growth identifiers. In some cases, you'll even need a direct line to the selling agents that market certain types of real estate read more

  • If you're on the lookout for Australian investment property, you'll be after homes that will increase in value, of course. Along with getting a piece of real estate in growth areas, picking a home near a school can help up drive up the property's value in years to come. Everyone wants a great education for their kids, and many will pay a premium to ensure this happens. read more