Sam Saggers

Sam Saggers

With over 20 years in the real estate industry, 15 years of hands-on property investment experience and a personal portfolio valued at over $10 Million, Positive Real Estate CEO Sam Saggers is accurately described as one of Australia’s leading investment property minds.

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  • If your salary isn’t making it to the end of the month, you may need to reassess your money management. We aren’t taught how to administer our finances in school (unless you studied accounting, in which case, kudos) but I promise, it’s not some big secret! The ideas you’ll see here aren’t new but they are effective. By using smart financial strategies and structuring your properties well, you can not only reduce your debt and financial inefficiencies, but also make a profit. read more

  • The reduction in interest rates has resulted in a market condition known as parity. In Sydney and especially in Western Sydney and some other places in Australia, the rental yields are the same or on parity to loan repayments, which means that renters start to crunch numbers and think they are better off buying than renting property in these areas. read more

  • When searching for a great investment property deal, don’t bypass any “diamonds in the rough” you might encounter along the way. Yes, there are a lot of money pits out there - and I’ve no doubt you’ve likely heard your share of investment property renovation story nightmares - maybe even experienced a few of them yourself. read more

  • Hi Investors, Attractive isn’t it? The idea of your own showcase trophy home, with Caesarstone benchtops, Miele appliances and a sparkling pool to entertain all your friends! And right now it’s attainable isn’t it? With interest rates so low suddenly it costs as much to rent as to own. So why not buy your own home? Actually the banks are telling you you’re able to borrow more money, so why not spend a little bit more? read more

  • Positive Real Estate has been sourcing deals nationally for almost 10 years and has successfully targeted each of the growth markets in Australia often TWO YEARS before many other experts; sourcing some huge profits for clients – simply by following the science behind town planning. read more

  • Investing in off-the-Plan (OTP) properties is quite a profitable trade. It’s a fantastic way to take full advantage of market growth, but in order to enjoy maximum growth potential it's important to understand and follow some key factors when using this kind of investing strategy. read more