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Time to Say Goodbye (Almost) Todd Hunter

There comes a time when as a Buyers Agent we must say goodbye to a location and move on. That time has come for me in SE QLD. The great thing for you investors still trying to secure that one investment property deal, is that now you don't have to compete with me. read more

  • Sam Saggers Sam Saggers
    Overcoming the fear of property investing
  • Cam McLellan Cam McLellan
    Retiring on $200,000 by investing for 10 years in the right properties
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and because you’ve waited, there’s even more good news... It appears that the current trend (more competition between properties than buyers) is going to continue this year and well into next year. read more

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Our resident experts answer readers’ questions regarding borrowing when you’re over 50 and the recently implemented new credit reporting system in Australia read more