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Investment Property or a PPOR - which is smarter? Sam Saggers

With record low interest rates into the foreseeable future and lending criteria slightly easing, it’s a safe bet that more and more Australians are going to be asking themselves which option they should choose - an investment property or a PPOR (principal place of residence). It may seem an easy enough question, however to answer it you’ve got to take a close look at where you’re at financially and what your goals are. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons for each strategy. We’ll also discuss what you can do if you’re already on the “property ladder” and want to move up! read more

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Investment Strategies

Your Investment Property has teamed up with Real Estate Investar to produce an article where we compiled a list of the 14 Australian suburbs with the highest renovation potential. We will reveal these suburbs and show you what type of properties you can consider buying for maximum renovation profit and the drivers that will support growth in value in the future. read more

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Despina Priala explains what options a landlord has when they want to increase the rent read more