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    • Continuing uncertainty about where interest rates are headed is forcing investors and would-be investors to question their approach to property investment and revisit the age-old debate – do you negatively gear and strive for the best capital growth or should you focus on cash-flow positive properties that deliver higher rental yields? Monique Wakelin reports read more

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    • Buying an investment property is a relatively easy process; however, it's your ability to negotiate successfully that can give you the upper hand and save you tens of thousands of dollars read more

    • Higher yields, longer leases and lower maintenance costs all help lure private investors away from the residential market - the only problem seems to be finding available property in Australia's hottest office markets read more

    • As Australians live longer and fertility rates fall, the retirement sector is becoming an increasingly appealing investment opportunity. And for property investors who can navigate this sometimes confusing sector, there's plenty of money to be made read more