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    • Holiday homes have always been one of those investments where there is a misconception that, as an investor, you can have the best of both worlds where you can claim deductions on the property while still making weekend visits with the family to relax. read more

    • With their unique set of skills, experience and expertise, buyers’ agents are able to negotiate stellar property deals like no other. Just what is the secret sauce that gives them the competitive edge over everyday investors? Sarah Megginson spoke to the experts to uncover this step-by-step guide to successful negotiating read more

    • With many Australian cities experiencing record breaking property pricing and others falling behind, finding an affordable investment with growth potential is a challenge. Looking at the property market as a whole can be overwhelming, but breaking up the key qualities of a sustainable property investment could bring light to the matter. read more

    • An investor’s best friend or a luxury for wealthy people? John Hilton discovers who buyers’ agents really are and sifts through the pros and cons of using them. read more

    • Buying sight unseen is considered a risky strategy, yet many successful investors are making a lot of profit using this approach. So, how can you minimise your risk when using this strategy? Sarah Megginson explains. read more

    • The recent currency devaluation by the Chinese government has sent jitters through global markets as fears grow regarding a Chinese economic downturn and the impacts this may have world-wide as China is the second largest economy in the world. read more