General Strategy - Investment Strategies

    • For retirement, a safe and steady approach will most likely lead to a more secure investment. There are a few boxes that you should be ticking to ensure the location you’re looking at is suitable for a long-term investment. read more

    • Real estate has long been favoured as an investment strategy for setting yourself up for a financially free retirement. So what are the best ways to get started in building your portfolio – and what are investors doing today to ensure their property wealth continues to grow in the future? read more

    • Many people invest in property with a goal of creating a profitable property portfolio that sustains them in retirement. This means starting with your end goal in mind and working backwards. Philippe Brach from Multifocus Properties & Finance shows you how to create a retirement-ready real estate portfolio from scratch read more

    • Investing in property can be a fast track towards financial freedom – but you have to get started somewhere. We asked Paul Wilson, founder and director of We Find Houses, to guide one young family through their options. read more

    • Investors all have individual goals and expectations on how their property investment performs as well as what returns will be optimal for their investment strategy. Some investors are looking for a quick turnaround and capital gains. Other investors are looking towards long-term investments with steady growth that provides positive cash flow. Others may be seeking to diversify their portfolio and include a mix of long-term and short-term investments. read more

    • On the back of impressive price growth over the last few years, first home buyers are finding it more difficult than ever to break into the housing market – particularly in areas where they’d most like to live. So it might be time for keen first-time property owners to take control and start to think a little laterally, suggests property coach Brendan Kelly from Results Mentoring read more