General Strategy - Investment Strategies

    • Retirees need to plan ahead to make sure they end up with the enough time and money to enjoy their retirement. It’s important to not to waste your time, so you can spend time enjoying your retirement. Creating a retirement plan is a smart way to reduce the risk of your retirement funds running out before you do. read more

    • Your Investment Property reader Barbara Smith is ready to invest in property, but she and her husband have no idea where (or how) to start. They wrote in to ask for guidance, so we enlisted the help of our expert, Helen Collier-Kogtevs, to show them how to get their portfolio off the ground read more

    • By now you’re clear on the difference between cash flow and capital growth investments, and some of the primary advantages and drawbacks of each strategy. Next you need to consider which types of investors are best suited to positive cash flow investments, and which investors will benefit more from capital growth properties. More importantly, where do you fit in this mix? read more

    • The one statement that has consistently been associated with investor success, so much so that even a TV show was named after it, is “Location, Location, Location”. Most investors will know full well the importance of location and will aim to have a balanced portfolio that offers both cash flow security and capital growth. read more

    • Purchasing an investment property is a beneficial avenue to financial security. Australians have identified the prosperous nature of real estate and the long-term advantage property investment affords. However securing the highest possible return isn’t always straightforward. read more

    • After a marriage break-up some years ago, and having just recently finished paying financial support for his now adult children, David is looking at kick-starting a property portfolio to secure his retirement. To help him map out the best strategies, we enlisted the help of property advisor and coach Ben Kingsley of Empower Wealth Group read more