General Strategy - Investment Strategies

    • There is a myth in Australia that property is forever. I have no idea why this came about or where this came from, but it seems to be in the DNA of Australian property owners. wHeregroup’s Todd Hunter says it’s about time we all shook off our ingrained fear of selling. read more

    • Your Investment Property reader Mary Sullivan wrote in for guidance on how she could start investing in property to build her wealth. So we enlisted the help of our expert Lindy Lear to come up with a practical investment game plan. read more

    • Most Australians sooner or later arrive at the conclusion that if they do not actively invest they will never be able to accumulate sufficient assets to give them the financial security that they would like to have in the future. At this point, a review of the different asset types usually occurs, and the preferred investment vehicle more often than not tends to be property. This really comes as no surprise to me – property is in my opinion the ideal investment vehicle. By carefully choosing the right property in the right location and using financial leverage intelligently it is possible to create considerable wealth in a relatively short amount of time, at little or no cost to the investor. read more

    • As you start or continue to grow an existing property portfolio, you will require the services of multiple professional service providers – solicitors, property managers, landlords’ insurers, etc. The quality of your service providers will often have a material effect on your property investments, so it is important to choose the right ones read more

    • There are certain investments that low-income learners should swerve to avoid, as they have the potential to transform a potential money-spinner into a certified dud. Sarah Megginson uncovers the four investments you should aim to sidestep at all costs read more

    • Looking to start investing but think you’re not earning enough? Read on as Cate Bakos shows you how to break into the property market even on a low income read more