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    • Property prices are still rising in many places in Australia, but underneath this hyperactivity is a slowing economy that could soon manifest itself to the property market. So what will you do when the downturn occurs? Sam Saggers explains. read more

    • When selecting an investment property, it is important to choose something that has appeal to tenants in the current market, and would also be attractive to other investors or owner-occupiers if the property needed to be sold in the short term. However, increasingly, property investors are realising the benefits of holding on to their investment properties for the long term, perhaps 20 years or even more. read more

    • It’s would be a tough task to find anybody more passionate about riding waves than David Brewster of Buy Property Direct. He reveals his strangest property experience and how a car accident changed his outlook on life. read more

    • Getting started in property investing can be a daunting prospect for a beginner investor, so Cate Bakos has put together a comprehensive and fully tested guide to starting a profitable property portfolio with minimum pain and maximum gain. read more

    • Investing in well researched, well located residential properties and holding for the long term has allowed many Australians to create substantial asset bases and achieve the financial freedom that they were aiming for. Myself included. A quick glance at the table below illustrates how well it has performed as an asset class over recent years, despite regular dire warnings from various doomsayers predicting market stagnation and prolonged periods of falling property prices. read more

    • Your Investment Property’s 7th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards offered you, our readers, the chance to nominate your most trusted advisors and agents. So who have you voted for? read more