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    • If you have bought an overseas investment property, or you have migrated to Australia and are now having to declare your rental income on a property you still own in your home country to the ATO, you might be entitled to claim depreciation on any overseas property you still hold and reduce your taxable income. read more

    • Eddie Chung explains the diffrent tax obligations for foreign nationals investing in Australian real estate read more

    • When investing in an overseas property there are a number of questions about tax that need to be addressed including: Where do I pay tax on a net rental income? Do I get taxed in either country or just Australia? Can a foreign net rental loss be offset against other Australian income? What are the tax implications if I sell the property? Are there any tax implications for my estate if I still own the property at death? read more

    • Learn how to save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS a year on your investment property taxes with these 7 Little-Known Depreciation Tips. read more

    • Ever since the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in 2000 the GST treatment of real property transactions has been one of the most misunderstood and complicated areas of the GST legislation. Any person dealing in property should read this... read more

    • Making sense of what expenses you can and cannot claim on your investment property is mindboggling at the best of times. So we enlisted our trusted tax experts to come up with a definitive guide to what you can claim without getting in trouble with the tax office read more