Property Investment Q&A

  • My property manager has noticed that our tenants have installed new lighting fittings across the house and have improved the kitchen cupboards. They’ve repainted rooms (the same colour) and shampooed the carpets – all out of their own pocket and without permission. Now I’m curious what will happen if they one day want to leave. read more

  • I’m in the process of buying some land and constructing an investment property in my name. Can I move into the house for say one to two weeks without changing it to my primary residence and put it up for rent and claim a period of six year capital gains exemption? read more

  • I’ve found what I believe is the perfect suburb to be investing in but I can’t find a property I like. Is it ever worth buying a so-so property just because it is in a really great area? read more

  • I’ve been reading up on an area that looks set to boom. The problem is right now my finances aren’t good. Is it a good idea to stretch myself financially to take advantage of the coming boom? read more

  • I’m thinking: why not live in the property I’m renovating? Are there any drawbacks? I know the house will be a mess, but will it take any longer to do the renovation if I’m living there? read more

  • I have fallen into a sticky contract dispute, owing to the fact that the buyer didn’t pay his deposit when he should. I would like to know what right he might have on the property, despite breaking the contract terms read more

  • We are developing land in Western Australia. Currently we have a DIA from the council, but are looking for ways to fund the development. A number of options were suggested to us, but we’d be interested to know their pros and cons from a tax point of view read more

  • My current tenant is great: pays on time and never wants anything from me, except now I’m hearing complaints about him from the neighbours. They say he regularly jams with a band in the living room and has made uninvited sexual advances on girls in the complex. What should I do? Should I let him stay? read more

  • My partner and I moved out of my PPOR in Nov 2010 and into a new home in her name. How would capital gains tax be calculated in this instance? Can I lay claim to renting a room from my partner and pay no CGT? read more