Property Investment Q&A

  • We signed a contract of sale at an auction that was subject to a building inspection. There was no cooling off period, but the contract included a clause saying that it could only be ended if 'major structural defects' were found. But what constitutes a 'major structural defect'? We want to terminate the contract. What are our options? read more

  • I recently found a great property, but it’s been on sale for over 200 days, despite being only $350,000 and in a popular suburb. There doesn’t seem to be any serious structural damage, but could there be something I am overlooking? Could a great deal like this really have been ignored by the general public? read more

  • I own a Sydney property, but there seems to be no consensus on its value. I’ve had multiple professional valuations done and they’ve returned figures that differ by as much as $100k and no one’s explained why. How come these valuers can’t be made to justify their “professional” opinion? read more

  • Are there any cases where off-the-plan properties are good investments? read more

  • My investment property has been showing some cracks, so I got it looked at and it turns out that there’s quite a bit of subsidence, and it’s been recommended that I get some underpinning work done. I’ve got a couple of quotes and it looks like it’s going to cost me at least $20,000. How do I make this expense as tax efficient as possible? read more

  • Q: I recently decided to purchase a property, but pulled out of the sale when the building report came back. I only alerted my solicitor of this at the last minute on the last day, via email. However, my email account only sent it out the next day. Now my solicitor tells me I am bound to the purchase. Is this true? read more

  • Q: I’ve just secured a house on a block large enough to subdivide into two units. I’m unsure, however, if I should merely hold on to it or start developing now. My main issue is that I don’t know where to start with getting funding. How can I convince the bank to lend me money as a first-time developer with no successful projects behind me? read more

  • I own a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Sydney, but my finances are thinning and I am struggling to find a good, long-term tenant. What are some tips on locating, securing and maintaining a tenant? read more

  • Q: My husband and I have been looking at home loans. We’ve noticed that fixed rates are looking good at the moment. We’re happy with our investment property and want to hold onto it indefinitely, the repayments are more than manageable and our LVR is pretty safe at around 70%. We’re therefore not too concerned about break costs. Are there any other issues that we need to bear in mind when considering fixed versus variable at the moment? read more