Property Investment Q&A

  • Q: I want to buy a rental property in NZ and being an Aussie, I’m not sure what tax issues I should be aware of. I also hold a few properties here in Australia so I want to know the tax implications of holding NZ property for both Kiwi and Aussie taxation departments. read more

  • Q: I want to purchase my first investment property, but am unsure if I should buy a new or old property. How will the property’s age affect my tax claims on depreciation? I was told by friends that it’s not worth buying properties that don’t have depreciation benefits. Is this true? read more

  • I want to sell the home I bought six years ago. The area has experienced particularly strong growth in housing prices, so I’m expecting to sell for more than I originally paid. But the real decision I’m struggling with is whether to renovate the property before putting it on the market. Is renovating really worth the time financially? read more

  • Q: I am in the midst of purchasing my first property but, with all the talk about interest rates possibly rising in the long term, I am stuck between choosing a fixed or variable interest rate loan. Am I likely to pay more for my mortgage in the long run under a fixed interest rate loan set-up, than if I choose a variable interest rate? read more

  • Q: I'm buying a turnkey/completed brand new house, with no body corporate complications. The developer of the estate built all the fencing and I’m wondering if it is necessary to do any checks on these boundaries or encroachments – and, if so, is this only possible if we purchase or arrange a boundary survey? read more

  • Q: I’m looking at financing options for property investing. My income is $80k (pa) and I’m looking to purchase around the $500,000-600,000 mark. I’m told cash flow positive properties are less risky, but would it make more financial sense to negatively gear my investment? How can I make money if it is negatively geared? read more

  • Q: I have bought two IPs in my local area and, while they’re not performing outstandingly, they do ok and I feel safe that I know the area. However, the more I read about property investing the more it seems that I should be investing in multiple areas/states. Is it really worth the effort to make my portfolio ‘diverse’? Am I really that much at risk if I stick to my local area? read more

  • Q: I’m about to sell my property and am looking for help on my capital gains tax situation. The problem is that I have had people paying board in my own property to bring in some extra cash and need to work out how much of my capital gain on the house is now subject to CGT. read more

  • Q: The reno bug has bitten and I want to improve the look of my investment property. Is it necessary to use a professional or could I just do a budget renovation myself? read more