Property Investment Q&A

  • Q: I own an apartment and have recently rented it out to go back to university. I'm now considering buying another property as an investment property with the vision to move into it after around a year. Can I claim stamp duty and other initial costs on the second unit, as it is an investment property, if I am going to move into it in about a year? read more

  • Q: I’m looking to purchase a three-bedroom house in southern Sydney, with a view to renovating and selling in two or three months for a profit. I’d like to know if CGT is calculated at different tax rates for individuals and corporations. If so, what is the best way to structure the purchase? read more

  • I’ve had my home for more than 20 years, but have decided to downsize and move closer to the city. It’s a pretty old place and I was wondering what the merits are of knocking it down, subdividing and then selling the land? It’s my PPOR, so will I have to pay CGT? read more

  • They say it’s a buyers market at the moment, so investors are in a good position to negotiate prices. My worry is that in some areas it’s a buyers market for a reason – no one wants to buy there. What will indicate that an area is not worth buying into at the moment, even if there are many bargains there? read more

  • Question: I have recently changed jobs (two months ago) and my wife is expecting our first child in the next six months. With the housing market ripe for the picking, and having saved a 15% deposit, we’re thinking of buying our first home. read more

  • We're thinking of renting out our PPOR and buying another property to live in. The median rent in our area is around $300 per week. What tax concessions can we claim when we convert our home to rental? Is it better to just sell rather than rent it out? read more

  • What are the legal implications of selling to family members? My wife is a real estate agent, so she has a fairly good understanding of what’s involved, but we’re not sure if we should transfer the title or complete a normal contract. Is there any way to avoid excessive fees and charges, stamp duty, capital gains, etc? read more

  • Question: My husband and I recently signed a contract of sale for a property passed in at auction that was subject to building and pest inspection. When we signed the contract we understood that there was no cooling off period, and we noted that the contract included a clause saying that the contract could only be ended if the building and pest inspection found 'major structural defects'. read more

  • Question: I plan to buy my first property in Melbourne soon. I will live in this property for a minimum of six months, renovate it, and rent it out as an investment property. I’ve heard that borrowing via trust structures can be useful: What are the main pros and cons to using a discretionary family trust structure? read more