Suburb Profile Report for Paradise Beach VIC (3851)

Paradise Beach House: Median price $190,000, Annual capital growth -1.29%, Number of sales 10, Weekly median advertised rent N/A

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Source: CoreLogic RP Data
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Source: CoreLogic

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Investment property in Paradise Beach has done not badly for investors when compared to the country as a whole over the last 12 months, with an increase in the median house price of 11.11%

Comparing Paradise Beach,3851 ‘s 5year and quarterly average capital gain offered to property investors, it performed less well across the longer period

Metrics i HOUSE UNIT
$190,000 N/A
5.56% N/A
11.11% N/A
-1.29% N/A
10 N/A

Source: CoreLogic

DSR Score for property investment : Above average (U), Above average (H)
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