o Easy access   Is the unit close to lifestyle areas or within walking distance of cafes, shops and beaches? 

o City location   Is the unit in a densely populated region such as a capital city or major regional centre? 

o Uniqueness   Is the property in a large complex with hundreds of properties or is it more unique? 

o Parking   Does the apartment have a lock up garage or a car space? 

o Renovations potential   Is there any potential to freshen up the unit’s look and will the strata allow a reno project to go ahead unhindered? 

o Good rents

Does your research suggest similar apartments in the area get good rental returns? 

o Internal size   If it is a one bedroom unit, is it at least 50 sqm? If it is two bedrooms is it at least +75 sqm? If it is three bedrooms or more, is it larger than 120 sqm? 

o Body corporate fees   Does the owners corporation charge high maintenance fees and does this include expensive services such as lifts? 

o Proximity to transport   Are their train or tram stations as well as permanent bus routes nearby? 

o The floor plan   Is the layout of the unit practical and useable? If it’s a small unit, is it open plan? 

o Acoustics   Will sound travel easily throughout both the unit and complex or will noise be contained? 

o Laundry   Is their a shared laundry facility or does the unit have its own? 

o The view  Is what tenants will see out their windows everyday appealing or at least neutral? 

o Construction   Is the outside made of good quality brick or a cheap, easily degradable material? 

o Privacy   Will the unit provide tenants reasonable enough privacy not to restrict what they can do in their private lives? 

o Extras   Does the unit have extra features such as a private balcony or an outdoor area?