Episode 21 - August 2020 - Will low mortgage rates drop lower?

In terms of mortgages, borrowers are now substantially better off than they were this time six months ago. But will rates drop even further? In the latest episode of YIP Talk, Your Investment Property’s podcast, editor Sarah Megginson chats with Raj Ladher, home loan specialist at Your Mortgage Broker – and they dig right into the nitty gritty to do with the low home loan rates that are on offer right

Episode 20 - July 2020 - Forecasting amid market uncertainty

How can investors interpret market trends amid the instability of COVID-19? To discuss tools for navigating the current market and forecasting its future, Sarah Megginson is joined by investment expert Simon Buckingham, director and mentor with Results Mentoring.

Episode 19 - June 2020 - COVID 19: Changes in tenancy and investor demand

To relieve the financial burden of COVID-19 on renters, states and territories have put tenant relief packages in place. In this episode of YIP Talk, host Sarah Megginson is joined by Paul Wilson of Income2Wealth to explore how these packages are impacting investor appetite.

Episode 18 - May 2020 - COVID-19 and assessing property risks and opportunities

The economic grind of COVID-19 has placed new pressures on the real estate market. In this timely episode, host Sarah Megginson sits down to discuss navigating the pandemic-era market with property investment advisor and managing director of Streamline Property Buyers Melinda Jennison

Episode 17 - April 2020 - Mastering the art of decision making

In this episode, our host is joined by Simon Pressley, director and head of property market research at Propertyology, for a timely discussion of how investors can make sound decisions for optimal results, even in the most trying of times

Episode 16 - March 2020 - International Women's Day: Property investment for independent wealth

In honor of International Women's Day, YIP is proud to celebrate women investors who are smashing property investment goals. This special episode features our magazine editor and podcast host Sarah Megginson, YIP publisher Kym Springer and guest Jenelle Paetow of AllianceCorp as they discuss their unique paths to property investment and strategies for women to realize financial success through property

Episode 15 - February 2020 - The Property Bloke and profit-crunching mistakes to avoid

In this episode, editor Sarah Megginson sits down with Wayne Jessup, aka The Property Bloke, to discuss his tips for entering the investment market, for maximizing profitability and how to avoid profit-crunching pitfalls in 2020 and beyond

Episode 14 - February 2020 - Developing an investment strategy to propel you to future wealth

In the latest episode, Michael Beresford, director of investment services with OpenCorp, sits down with host and magazine editor Sarah Megginson to discuss the importance of budgeting and how to set goals for wealth in the year ahead--and beyond

Episode 13 - January 2020 - IOTY award winners share key investor dos and don'ts

Through the Investor of the Year awards program, YIP is proud to identify and celebrate Australia's top investors. In this episode, editor Sarah Megginson sits down with two IOTY award winners--Reno Investors of the Year duo Joy and Michael Williams, and Strategic Investor of the Year Sam Gordon. Tune in as the winners share important do's and don'ts for investment success.

Episode 12 - January 2019 - Myth-busting commercial property misconceptions for investors

Scott O'Neill of Rethink Investing returns to dispel common myths surrounding commercial property investment. He and our editor Sarah Megginson sit down to discuss what barriers may be holding investors back from entering the commercial market, and how investors can move past these misconceptions to unlock believable returns.

Episode 11 - December 2019 - The results of this year's Property Investment Sentiment Survey

What do Australian property investors plan to do in the year ahead? In this timely episode, just as the decade comes to a close, host Sarah Megginson unpacks the results of this year’s Property Investment Sentiment Survey with property commentator and investment advisor Michael Yardney. Some of the results - along with hot predictions of where to invest in 2020 - may surprise you

Episode 10 - November 2019 - Increase your borrowing capacity for 2020

2019 is wrapping up and the start of a new year and decade is just around the corner. How can property investors increase their borrowing capacity and seize new investment opportunities in the new year and beyond? In this episode, our editor Sarah Megginson is joined by Michael Beresford, Director, Investment Services with OpenCorp, as the two discuss the year ahead and how investors can prepare for greater investment capacity and increased profits in 2020

Episode 9 - Nov 2019 - Create wealth in the short-term rental market

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means there will be great demand among vacationers seeking short-term rentals. In this timely episode, our editor sits down with Abigail Howells, Inbound Sales Manager with MadeComfy. to discuss hot areas for rental properties and trends you should keep an eye on for great returns on your short-term rental investment

Episode 8 - Oct 2019 - How to uncover profitable deals in commercial property

Picking up where they left off in episode 6, our editor Sarah Megginson and Scott O'Neill, Director, Rethink Investing, dive deeper into commercial property investing. From the location in which you invest, to how you draft a lease and choose tenants, this episode sheds light on important--and simple--steps you can take to make a smart commercial investment.

Episode 7 - Oct 2019 - Predict a market boom before it occurs for greater investment returns

When it comes to property investment, timing can make or break an investment--but what if you predict a market boom before it occurs? In this episode we're joined by renowned property analyst, author and media commentator John Lindeman as he shares data-driven methods for assessing a market before a boom occurs for maximum returns

Episode 6 - Sep 2019 - Debunk myths about commercial property for unbelievable returns

Many property investors tend to think of property investment only in terms of how to get the best out of residential property. However, there is so much more you can do. Join Sarah Megginson and Scott O'Neill, as they discuss how commercial investment can yield incredible results in terms of cash flow.

Episode 5 - Sep 2019 - Jane Slack-Smith on overcoming obstacles to achieve your investment goals

Broadly speaking, every investor falls into one of four categories: cynic, dreamer, gambler or achiever – so where do you sit within this framework? Your Investment Property magazine editor Sarah Megginson talks to Jane Slack-Smith, director of Investors Choice Mortgages and Your Property Success, about how investors can move forward with clarity and purpose to achieve your investing goals

Episode 4 - Aug 2019 - Investment opportunities of a short-term letting (STL) strategy

In this episode, we speak with Calum Walters, Gold Coast & Brisbane City Manager of MadeComfy, who shares important short-term letting strategies to yield maximum profit.

Episode 3 - Aug 2019 - Innovative investment solutions with Paul Wilson of Income2Wealth

Become a property investor with as little as $500? In this third episode of YIP Talk, our editor sits down with Paul Wilson, Director of Income2Wealth, to discuss innovative methods to invest in and maximise a property with little cost up front

Episode 2 - July 2019 - Positive gearing for maximum return with Chan & Naylor's Ed Chan

Join us for a conversation with Ed Chan, Director of Chan & Naylor, about the ins and outs of positive gearing – and how investors can use this strategy to get ahead financially

Episode 1 - June 2019 - APRA Announcement and Your Investment with Michael Beresford

APRA stunned most of us in May when it suddenly announced plans to review home loan assessment rates for residential borrowers. In this first episode of YIP Talk, we chat with Michael Beresford, Director – Investment Services at OpenCorp about APRA’s plans for loan reviews, the impact of loosening accessibility rates and his timely advice for refinancers and investors

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