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Success Stories

Strategic Investor of the Year 2020: Sam Gordon

Boasting a massive portfolio of thriving properties Sam Gordon has come a long way since he was a teenager who wanted to spend all his savings on a cool car. Congratulations to Sam – our 2020 Strategic Investor of the Year read more

New Investor of the Year 2020: Ryan Beck

Despite being in the property industry for less than five years, Ryan Beck has already built an incredible portfolio composed of all types of properties, from land to houses to duplexes. Congratulations to Ryan – our 2020 New Investor of the Year! read more

Reno Investor of the Year 2020: Joy Williams

Having once achieved a sale that went down in history, Joy and Michael Williams now stand at the helm of a real estate legacy built on knowing how to flip even the roughest of gems into profit-generating property performers. Congratulations to our 2020 Reno Investors of the Year – Joy and Michael Williams! read more

Expert Advice

The property wolf who cried Coronavirus Simon Pressley

Historically, the direct impact that major events like Coronavirus have had on property markets has been nowhere near as bad as feared read more

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Under the six-year rule, a property can qualify for main residence exemption for a period of up to six years if it is being rented out, assuming no other property has been nominated as a main residence. read more