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Success Stories

Property millionaire with a travel bug

Frank Raiti was only a teenager when he said yes to the challenge of property investment. Now, 25 years later, his one decision has made him into a millionaire with a booming portfolio read more

Fleeing from financial pressure

Danielle Gurry wanted to create her own success. By exploring her interest in property and getting a strong start with a good friend, she’s now on track to funding her family's future read more

Property profits fund life's unexpected twists

Sara and Heath Crawford embarked on a bold property strategy, chasing substantial positive cash flow returns. Their approach paid off in more ways than one, allowing Sara to quit work when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness read more

Expert Advice

10 lessons I learned from past property downturns Michael Yardney

Given there are a number of markets across the country, all at differing points of their own cycles, I’d like to share 10 lessons I learned from previous property downturns. read more

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You must work out capital gain or loss using the market value of the dwelling at the time you first used it to produce income read more