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Australia’s unstoppable property market, revealed (Hint: It’s not Sydney)

Australia’s property market has moved to the recovery stage of the cycle, with prices in many locations having made up all the losses of 2022.

Don’t fall for these 3 huge property investing mistakes

There are several mistakes that I regularly see property investors make. From emotional investing to failing to mitigate risk or even failing to get the right advice, many property investment mistakes cost a lot of money, time, and stress and can even hijack your investment success.

From boomers to babies: The suburbs where each generation dominates and why

Australia is on the cusp of a significant demographic shift.

Yes, paying a premium for property is sometimes essential: Here’s why

Housing affordability in crisis: These households are suffering the most

Rapidly increasing population underscores the critical shortage in supply

Lenders begin blacklisting ‘risky’ suburbs

5 key spring housing market trends to keep an eye on

One Lesson I Learned from an SAS Commander that has helped me become a better investor

The 3 ways to value a property and overcome a bad valuation 

10 most expensive suburbs in Brisbane

Properties are selling fastest, and slowest, in these areas

What downturn? Houses in some suburbs are still selling FAST

Understanding the Brisbane rental crisis and a glimmer of hope?

The QLD land tax grab that could hurt renters and investors

NO, You Should NOT Put Your Property Search on Hold!

16 Brisbane suburbs cheaper than 5 years ago

Here Is What We Have Been Buying Over The Last 12 Months

These are the most affordable suburbs within 10km of each CBD

3 Lessons I Learned at Wealth Retreat 2022

What slowdown? This is where property prices are still growing

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