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Location is probably the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying your next investment property.

11 reasons why we aren’t all property moguls

Are you looking for financial freedom through property? Are you keen to build a substantial property portfolio? Well…statistics show that most property investors stop at just one investment property.

11 traits shared by the most successful property investors

When it comes to property investment, success is never a result of luck or chance.

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Sydney and Melbourne suburbs more likely to hold their value 

11 factors that affect the value of your property 

Sydney and Melbourne property prices falling – other states fading

A bleak outlook for tenants with rising rentals

Housing Market Snapshot – Melbourne and Sydney property prices dip in May

Australian housing affordability among the worst in the world

7 ways the rich are getting richer, and how to join them

What has history taught us about our property markets?

Sydney and Melbourne House Prices Down but Not Out

Where is the property market heading?

Will the Ukraine crisis really cause property values to tumble 15%?

Major banks predict 14% house price drop. Really! | Property Insiders [Video]

The Brutal Truths about property investment that no one else will tell you

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