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Millennial NETTELs – the booming demographic shaping our property markets

The number of Millennials reaching the family formation stage of their life is booming, and it's creating an entire generation of Australians who are shaping our suburbs and property markets.

The Urban Exodus Reversed: Regional Australia is losing its investment shine

The sun-drenched appeal of regional Australia, once a beacon for tree-changers, those escaping COVID-19, and property investors, is starting to dim.

Melbourne’s apartment market: primed for exceptional performance

2024 is shaping up to be an extraordinary year for established “family-friendly” apartments (what many of us call “flats”) in Melbourne.

Stop picking on property investors

Melbourne’s property prices will soar to new highs

Australia’s housing shortfall: a perfect storm driving prices higher in 2024

Is Your Suburb on the List? See Melbourne’s Biggest Home Price Winners of 2023

11 reasons why we aren’t all property moguls

Location, location, location: Why it’s so important

11 traits shared by the most successful property investors

Aussie cities drop off the list of world’s most liveable cities  

World’s most expensive cities revealed, and Australia makes the top 10

Here’s how I’ll be investing in property in 2023

10 money habits that are keeping you poor, and how to overcome them

5 real estate scams to watch out for, and how to avoid them

Sydney and Melbourne suburbs more likely to hold their value 

11 factors that affect the value of your property 

Sydney and Melbourne property prices falling – other states fading

A bleak outlook for tenants with rising rentals

Housing Market Snapshot – Melbourne and Sydney property prices dip in May

Australian housing affordability among the worst in the world

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